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Hennepin County


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Contract opportunities

The county acquires goods and services through a process accessible to all businesses. Find current opportunities.

Supplier Portal 

The county is now posting all commodities and biddable services opportunities in the Supplier Portal. Most professional services requests for proposals will soon be posted in the Supplier Portal. Learn more about the Supplier Portal.

Organizations in the county have access to free environmental education resources, including activity guides, education kits, educational flyers and pamphlets, articles, posts and images, and tours and field trip funding.

Hennepin County provides funding, training and support to organizations to implement projects that empower their audiences to take action to protect the environment through the Green Partners environmental education program. Learn about grant funding available, sign up for our environmental education newsletter, and connect with others at a networking meeting.

Aquatic invasive species prevention

Grant funds are available to help local units of government and organizations implement projects that prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species. Learn more about AIS prevention and grants.

This loan program funds development of affordable housing units for very low-income households. Loans are used for a variety of housing activities.

  • Rental
  • Homeownership
  • New construction
  • Substantial and moderate rehabilitation
  • Preservation  
  • Transitional
  • Supportive
  • Mixed-income

Read more about AHIF.

Transportation maps

You can download a copy of the road map below. 

2019 Hennepin County road map (PDF 7MB)

Construction activity

Each year, there are several different types of projects that take place across the entire county road system. Some are larger reconstruction projects, while others are shorter road maintenance projects. 

Learn more about county road and bridge construction projects 

View current projects and major transportation issues on the interactive transportation map

Licenses and permits

Make it official

An entrance permit is required on county roads:

  • Whenever a new driveway or street connection is proposed on a county road
  • Whenever an existing driveway is proposed to be modified (widened, channelized, relocated, etc.)
  • Whenever a driveway is removed (required for work in the county roadway right-of-way)
  • Changes in site land uses (even if no modifications to existing driveways are proposed)
  • If temporary access is needed to facilitate construction activities
  • If development-driven traffic impacts predicate needed changes on the county roadway (such as the need for turn or auxiliary lanes)

Apply for an entrance permit.

The county issues gambling permits only within communities that are unchartered. Learn more.

Recycling and hazardous waste

Disposal, licenses and assistance

Information for licensed haulers who deliver municipal solid waste to Hennepin County’s facilities, including the operating manual, fee reports, holiday hours and newsletter.

Find more solid hauler information.


Find resources and services

Property information search

Get information on Hennepin County properties, including taxes due (tax statement), current and prior year taxes, assessment values, tax parcel description and sales information. Search now.


Real estate recording information

Legal documents from real estate transactions related to property within Hennepin County, and other documents such as military separations and tax liens are recorded here. Read more about real estate recording.

Real estate document copies and research

Access county land records in person or online. Options include a fee per item subscription, limited index searches at no cost and a self-service research center. Access property records.

Examiner of Titles

Attorneys, title insurance companies, real estate brokers, mortgage companies, and real estate owners interact with this office for legal issues related to registered land. Get instructions and forms.

Housing programs

Federal housing programs

The county uses federal funds to provide financial assistance for home ownership, housing rehabilitation, public service for low income households, and affordable rental housing. Read more about federal housing programs.

Lead-based paint and Healthy Homes program

Grant assistance to repair and safely remove health hazards in homes, including lead paint, radon, moisture, trips and falls, and other safety issues. Read more about healthy homes.

Property sales

Tax-forfeited land

Learn about the tax-forfeited land program and find properties to purchase. Read more about tax-forfeited land.


An online database gives information on real estate sales conducted by the sheriff. Use the foreclosure database.

Surplus property

The public can buy various types of county property through sealed bids, requests for proposals and auctions. Property can include county vehicles, buildings, office furniture and land. Read more about surplus property.