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Small construction roster program

This program was previously called the TSBE Tier II program.

Hennepin County maintains a roster of pre-qualified construction businesses who are invited to bid on the county's small construction-related projects ($250,000 or less).

This program is exclusively for emerging small businesses with a three-year average gross revenue not exceeding $4,000,000. It is part of the county's disparity reduction effort to include emerging small businesses in regular county projects. We look to the Central Certification (CERT) Program to find emerging small businesses to invite to the roster. Learn more about how we strive to reduce disparities through contracting

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Contractors are pre-qualified based on construction project experience and other factors and placed on a roster for future small construction projects. When a small construction project need arises, we request bids or proposals from the contractors on the roster. The low bidder or contractor offering the best value to the county is awarded the project.

Program goals

  • Increase diversity in the county's construction contracting
  • Give emerging businesses government contracting experience so they leverage these opportunities to grow their business
  • Provide a level playing field so small businesses are competing with other small businesses

Program details

  • Applications to get on the roster are taken every 2 years through a Request for Qualifications (RFQ)
  • The county directly invites all emerging small businesses certified by CERT that provide general contractor services
  • The RFQ will list how many contracts or seats on the roster will be awarded. If there are too many qualified applicants for the open seats, the county will conduct a lottery
  • Each contractor is required to sign a principal agreement with the legal terms before being added to the roster
  • Only contractors on the roster are invited to respond to bid opportunities
  • Joining the program is not a guarantee of work
  • Contractors on the roster will be required to register and respond to opportunities in ProcureWare, the county's system for construction bids and RFPs

To get on the roster, vendors must submit an application in response to the Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - posted in ProcureWare every 2 years. 

In order to be invited to respond, contractors need to be certified by CERT as an emerging small business with a three-year average gross revenue not exceeding $4,000,000.

1. Register your company in CERT with the NAICS codes related to the work you perform

2. Register in ProcureWare - select the NAICS codes that apply to your business

3. Review the RFQ - see most recent RFQ example

4. Submit a response to the RFQ, ensuring your submission meets all the RFQ requirements. The response includes:

a) A completed application form

b) Responsible contractor verification form (PDF)

c) Letter from your surety stating that you are bondable up to $250,000

d) Letter from your insurer documenting that you have an experience modification rating (ERM) no greater than 2.0

5. If selected for the program, read and sign the principal agreement (PDF)

To join the roster

To join the roster, you must respond to the RFQ and complete some other documents.

The examples are below:

Sample project requirements

The general conditions below apply to all projects in the program. The guide specifications may apply depending on the project scope.

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