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Building maintenance services roster program

This program was previously called the TSBE Tier I program.

Hennepin County maintains a roster of emerging small business contractors that provide the following building maintenance services: building repair, plumbing, electrical, and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

This program is exclusively for emerging small businesses with a three-year average gross revenue not exceeding $3,000,000. It is part of the county's disparity reduction effort to include small businesses in regular county projects. We look to the Central Certification (CERT) Program to find emerging small businesses to invite to the roster. Learn more about how we strive to reduce disparities through contracting

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Contract opportunities are sent exclusively to emerging small businesses, and work under the awarded contracts is authorized on an as needed basis. Contracts are in place until we have spent $250,000 with the selected vendor, per state statute limitations. The time it takes to reach the $250,000 limit can vary based on the county's need for work, usually between one to three years. Once contracts have reached the contract spend limit, the contract is put back out for bid.

Program goals

  • Increase diversity in the county's building maintenance services contracting
  • Give emerging businesses government contracting experience so they leverage these opportunities to grow their business
  • Provide a level playing field so small businesses are competing with other small businesses

Program details

  • The county directly invites all emerging small businesses certified by CERT that provide the needed building maintenance service to bid for the contract
  • Each maintenance service category is bid separately and grouped by county facility types.
    •  The facility types are: Library & Service Centers, Public Safety, Public Works, and Health and Human Services
    • Multiple contracts may be awarded for each service category since there are four facility types needing services
  • If awarded a contract, contractors agree to provide services at contract rates for the duration of the contract
  • Work under each awarded contract cannot exceed $250,000 during the life of the contract
  • Once the limit is reached, the contract will end, and the county will rebid the opportunity

To get on the roster, your company must submit the winning bid in response to the invitation for bids - posted in ProcureWare, the county's system for construction bids and related services.

In order to be invited to respond, contractors need to be certified by CERT as an emerging small business with a three-year average gross revenue not exceeding $3,000,000. 

1. Register your company in CERT with the NAICS codes related to the work you perform.

2. Register in ProcureWare - select the NAICS codes that apply to your business.

3. Review the received invitation to bid carefully. Additional information about the process is in the Program documents section.

4. Submit your bid in response to the bid invitation.

5. If your bid is the lowest, responsible bid, your company will be awarded the contract and be added to the roster.

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