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Hazardous waste licensing and renewal

All businesses located in Hennepin County that produce hazardous waste must be licensed.

If your business already has a hazardous waste license, Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Portal to view and update your licensing information.

If you experience technical difficulties with the portal while using Internet Explorer, we encourage you to try using a different browser such as Edge, Chrome, or Safari.

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What is a waste?

A waste is a material that you no longer need, want or use; it is something that is unusable or is intended to be discarded, such as spent solvent.

A waste is not something that you can and will use, such as leftover paint that will be used on another project.

What is a hazardous waste?

A waste is either non-hazardous — and exempt from hazardous waste regulations — or hazardous for one of the following reasons:

  • It is listed (appears on one of four lists in the Minnesota Hazardous Waste Rules)
  • It is characteristic (displays one or more of six hazardous characteristics)
  • It contains more than 50 parts per million (ppm) polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

For more information, see examples of hazardous and special wastes.

Evaluating your waste

Minnesota Hazardous Waste Rules require that anyone who produces or manages a waste must carefully examine a waste's characteristics in order to determine whether or not it is hazardous.

To determine if your business produces hazardous waste:

  1. Gather information about the wastes your business produces. Talk to purchasing, production and maintenance personnel, tour production and non-production areas and inspect storage areas and dumpsters. Don't forget to include sewered and recycled wastes.
  2. Evaluate the wastes (PDF). The evaluation process will include checking to see if any of the wastes are exempt from the hazardous waste rules, determining if any of the wastes are listed in the hazardous waste rules, and determining if any of the wastes display any of the characteristics of hazardous waste. You may need to have the waste tested.
  3. Obtain a hazardous waste license if your business generates hazardous waste.

Update and manage your hazardous waste license using the Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Portal.

Use the portal to:

  • Submit annual reports electronically
  • Get real-time access to license information for all operations under your control
  • Add wastes to a license and provide supporting documents, such as test results
  • Make wastes inactive if they are no longer generated
  • Update site contact and mailing address information
  • Print copies of licensing documents, including reports, licenses and invoices

Getting access to the portal

The portal was launched in 2013 and all existing hazardous waste generators that are required to complete the annual licensing process have a portal administrator associated with their operation. If you are not yet a portal user and need to be added, you should reach out to the portal administrator for your operation to be added as a user. If you don’t know who the portal administrator is for your operation or the portal administrator is no longer with the operation, send an email to to request assistance or call 612-348-3777 and ask for the inspector on call.

Instructions for using the hazardous waste portal

Download instructions for using the hazardous waste portal (PDF).

The instructions will cover the bulleted points, below:

  • Email settings
  • Registration
  • Login

Please be aware that the PIN for an operation is only valid for initial registration in the portal. If your operation is already registered, please work with your portal administrator to get added as a portal user or contact 612-348-3777 and ask for the inspector on call, for assistance.

More than 50% of minimal generator operations are also registered in the hazardous waste portal. If you are a minimal generator seeking to gain access to the hazardous waste portal, check the backside of your generator license for your operation’s PIN and 16-digit Operation ID, which are both necessary for initial registration. The first person to register becomes the operation’s portal administrator.

Once you have successfully registered and logged into the hazardous waste portal, there are additional instructions within the portal that describe the sections below:

  • Home License: view and print management plan summary, invoice or license; update your license
  • Contact: edit contact persons associated with your company
  • Waste: add wastes to a license
  • Profile: add, edit or delete portal users (only the operation’s portal administrator will have access to the profile manager)
  • My profile: add more operations to your existing account

Paying your licensing fees online

Invoices are created and sent via email in late February of each year. As of April 2022, a hazardous waste generator may now either make an online payment or mail a check to pay their hazardous waste generator license invoice.

If you already received a PDF copy of your invoice from, or if you received a past-due payment notification from, you are already “pre-registered” in Hennepin County's secure online payment system. We encourage you to complete your registration on page 2 (Step 1A). Once you have completed your registration and logged into the online payment system, you can view/print the original invoice statement, view payment history, and even apply an electronic payment to an outstanding balance.

View a PDF of these license payment instructions that includes screenshots.

Need to identify a new billing contact?

If you would like to designate someone else to represent your operation as its billing contact and get them pre-registered, please e-mail, or call 612-348-3777 and ask for the inspector-on-call. Please provide the following billing contact information:

First and last name, phone number, email address, operation name, address, customer no. (if available).

Online payment service fees

The fees associated with your payment will vary depending on which payment type you select:

  • No service fee to end user if you select eChecks (best value)
  • A flat service fee of $2.95 applies to Visa debit cards (paid by card holder)
  • American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa credit cards, non-Visa debit cards, and PayPal, will include a 2.29% service fee (paid by card holder)
    • Listed below are credit/debit card service fees based on some common invoice amounts:
    • $67 payment = added $1.53 service fee
    • $268 payment = added $6.14 service fee
    • $401 payment = added $9.18 service fee
  • No service fee for submitting a physical check for payment


  1. Visit the Hennepin County online payment system Registration Sign Up and Sign In page (right click hyperlink and select “Open link in new tab”.)
    1. If you are pre-registered and need to finish registration to create a password, click “Sign up now”. For questions about registration, review the Registration Instructions (PDF) (right click hyperlink and select “Open link in new tab”.)
    2. Once registered, sign into your account using your email address and password.
    3. If you have registered but forgot your password, select the “Forgot your password?” link and follow the prompts to reset it.
  2. Select the Make a Payment tile
  3. Select the Pay Total Balance button or pay by invoice clicking the Select Invoice(s) button.
  4. There is a Pay Total Balance option (see instructions (PDF) for a screenshot). Ensure the Payment Method dropdown is set to “Online Payment”.
  5. Review your invoice amounts, then click the Next button.
  6. Review your payment total, then click the Submit button.
  7. Select OK to confirm your payment amount and proceed to payment information.
  8. Complete the Payment Information and Payment Method sections.
  9. Select the Continue button.
  10. Select the Pay button to complete your transaction.
    Note: the Total Amount includes a payment processing fee (Paymentus Fee) when paying by any method other than eCheck.
  11. Print or save your receipt if desired.

A payment confirmation will be emailed to you from HennepinCounty-billpay@paymentus

Viewing your invoice

Invoices are created in the hazardous waste licensing database and emailed to the online billing contact and hazardous waste portal administrator. Once invoices are created, a version of the invoice and the invoice payment status can be viewed from the Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Portal. Note that the invoice displayed within the portal will look slightly different than the one that was emailed.

Invoice payment status

The invoice payment status displayed in the Hennepin County Hazardous Waste Portal may not be the current payment status of the invoice. The portal is updated each night, so payments won’t be reflected until the next business day. To see the most current payment status for an invoice, online billing contacts and portal administrators must log into the online payment system.

License fees

License fees are based on your generator size and the amount of waste generated the previous calendar year.

All hazardous waste generators must pay the base fee designated for their generator size. Large quantity generators (LQGs) and small quantity generators (SQGs) also must pay applicable volume fees. Very small quantity generators (VSQGs) and minimal generators do not pay additional volume fees.

If you have questions about your hazardous waste management plan summary, call 612-348-3777 and ask for the inspector on call.

Base fee (applies to all generators)

  • Minimal generator, $0
  • VSQG (less than or equal to 100 lbs/year), $67
  • VSQG (101 - 1,000 lbs/year), $268
  • VSQG (greater than 1,000 lbs/year), $401
  • SQG (less than or equal to 5,000 lbs/yr), $535
  • SQG (greater than 5,000 lbs/yr), $802
  • LQG, $2,010

Volume fee (applies to all billable hazardous wastes generated by SQGs and LQGs)

  • Standard rate: $0.00670 per pound
    Applies to hazardous waste that is: accumulated on site, shipped off-site using a manifest, managed under a tolling agreement and hazardous waste that is sewered without treatment.
  • Reduced rate: $0.00067 per pound
    Applies to feedstocks and byproducts managed under an approved feedstock or byproduct management plan and sewered hazardous wastes that have been excluded from generator size determination pursuant to Minn. Rule 7045.0305 subp. 2.

All wastes reported in gallons will be converted to pounds using the factor 1 gallon = 10 pounds.

Universal wastes, special wastes, used oil, oil filters and absorbents with oil are not included in determining generator size or in determining volume fees.

Reducing your hazardous waste fees

Businesses can reduce hazardous waste fees by reducing the amount of hazardous waste they produce. Many businesses have been able to reduce their license fees by implementing changes in their processes, equipment or products used. For more information on how to do this and, for technical assistance, see pollution prevention and waste reduction programs.

Annual licensing schedule

The annual licensing schedule applies to VSQGs, SQGs and LQGs. To be eligible to receive a Hennepin County hazardous waste generator license that is effective on May 1, you must:

  1. Submit your annual hazardous waste management plan summary (MPS) via the portal
  2. Pay your license fee

Once the license has been created, an email will be sent to the portal administrator from The email will include instructions for logging into the portal and printing the license.

Important licensing dates

The license period runs from May 1 of the license year through April 30 of the following year.

Late October or early November

Portal administrators are sent an email from with instructions to log into the portal, review/update and electronically submit their annual license renewal application (hazardous waste management plan summary or MPS).

December 15

Hazardous waste management plan summaries (MPS) are due.

Late February

Invoices are created. Once an invoice is created, the invoice and invoice payment status can be viewed in the portal. A digital copy of the invoice will be emailed to the primary contact for your operation. The invoice will contain additional information that helps ensure that payments get posted promptly and to the correct customer account.

March 31

Hazardous waste license payments are due.

Beginning in mid-April

Generator licenses are created for eligible generators. Once created, the portal administrator will be notified via email that their license can be printed from the hazardous waste portal. To become eligible to receive a generator license, both the MPS and license payment must have been received. Payments require 14 days to clear the bank before the eligibility begins. The following is a guide to when licenses will be available based on when your payment is posted:

Payment posted on or before March 31:

License created mid-April

Payment posted April 1 to 16:

License created first working day in May

Payment posted April 17 to May 16:

License created first working day in June

Payment posted after May 16:

Licenses continue to be created for eligible generators on the first working day of each subsequent month.

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