Research and obtain real estate records

The county records and maintains real property legal documents, such as mortgages, deeds, assignments, liens, releases, satisfactions and many others.

You may need to consult a professional or someone familiar with researching and interpreting real property records for more extensive searches, abstracting, title examination, legal and information needs.

COVID-19 response

Our office remains closed for in-person transactions. Resident and employee safety are Hennepin County's primary focus.

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How to get copies


  1. Find either the legal description or the individual or entity name using the Property information search
  2. Search documents on the Free on-line document search.


Copies of documents can be purchased.  Please state the information needed for the request, which may include document number and type of document: mortgage, deed, etc. or certificate number. 


Property owners may obtain a free electronic copy of their deed or Certificate of Title for free by emailing


Mail check to:
County Recorder/Registrar of Titles
Attn: Document copies and research
A-500 Government Center
300 S. 6th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0055


Document or certificate of title

  • Non-certified – $1 per page
  • Certified – $10


  • Non-certified – $10
  • Certified – $15

Payment options

Make your check out to Hennepin County Recorder

Recent recording history

View limited recording information from the last five years online.

  1. Find your property on the Interactive property map.
  2. Click “Go to Property Links” at the top of the left Property section.

These records may not be complete based on our current recording status and subject to variances in real property and tax legal descriptions.

For access to additional recording information, ask about our annual subscription. Email

DD214 military separation

Can I obtain a copy of a DD214 military separation?

Yes - If you recorded it in Hennepin County.

If the separation was recorded in a different Minnesota county or if there is uncertainty if/where it was recorded, contact the Veterans service office.

Federal data governance regulations require that military separations be available only to the veteran or those with a tangible interest (spouse, family member, etc.). There is no cost to obtain certified copies of this document for those with proof of tangible interest.

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