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Affordable housing incentive fund

This loan program funds the development of affordable housing units for very low-income households. Financial assistance is provided to municipalities, other government and nonprofit agencies, private and nonprofit housing developers and other lenders in supporting the creation or preservation of long-term affordable housing countywide. Affordable Housing Incentive Fund (AHIF) operates under the Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HCHRA) Board of Commissioners.

AHIF loans are used for a variety of housing activities, including:

  • Rental
  • New construction, substantial and moderate rehabilitation, and preservation
  • Transitional
  • Supportive
  • Mixed-income

Housing activities can serve families, individuals, seniors and special needs population. Type, terms and conditions of the AHIF financing will vary depending on the availability of funding resources and the proposed activity.

Program funding is part of an annual coordinated request for proposals (RFP). The anticipated timeline for the 2022 coordinated affordable housing development request for proposals is that the RFP will be posted January 6, with proposals due February 3. RFP respondents will be asked to complete applications using the Hennepin County Supplier Portal.

Learn more about the coordinated request for proposals.

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AHIF loans are awarded on a competitive basis, and priority is given to the following goals:

  • Develop long-term affordable housing units for very low-income households
  • Support project aligning with county priorities and goals
  • Promote the connection of affordable housing to transit, local employment opportunities, schools and supportive services
  • Utilize for gap financing to leverage private and public funding
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