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Hennepin County Design System

Photos and images

Photos and images can establish a sense of community to all public communications. They help people see themselves in our programs and services.

Photos should:

  • Enhance visual understanding of a program or service
  • Create familiarity with the county
  • Support and represent community

Photos should support the communication goals of the program or service.

Photos should be timely and relevant to our current programs and services. We should remove photos that no longer reflect current staff, programs, or buildings.

All images should meet standards for clarity, color, lighting, composition, and subject matter.

Environmental portraiture

Photos should feature people intersecting with our programs and services.

Photos should feature people enjoying a quality of life as a resident of Hennepin County.

Photos should show the real people and locations of Hennepin County.  

Stock photography

Limit the use of stock photography. Sometimes we may need to use it based on the subject matter or design. We also may need to use it to protect people’s privacy in the area of sensitive topics.

Requirements for photos and images

Choosing photos or images

  • Choose photos that work well for any screen size.
  • Do not use clip art.

Preparing photos or images

  • Provide descriptive, clear alternative text (alt text).
  • Use an empty alt tag (alt="") for decorative images.
  • Size and compress photos for online use.
  • Avoid using images of text and use HTML/CSS instead.

For help with photos, complete a request form (must have network access).