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Hennepin County Design System

About the design system

What it is

The design system is a powerful tool to guide us in creating quality digital products for residents.

It is a one-stop-shop of standards and county-branded, accessible assets. It includes reusable grab-and-go components, patterns, design elements, and content guidance. You’ll also find subject area guidance on accessibility, best practices, and considerations.

Who it’s for

It’s for you:

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Content creators
  • Digital product owners
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers
  • Digital team managers
  • Digital product vendors
  • Any county staff who build or influence digital products

It’s here to make your job simpler

Developers can use the design system to:

  • Implement designs created by designers
  • Get code that’s vetted for accessibility and county branding
  • Learn best practices in coding for accessibility and usability
  • Use the writing section to learn how to write micro copy

Designers can use the design system to:

  • Create designs consistent with the county’s brand identity
  • Understand the county’s color palette, typography and visual style
  • Use pre-designed components to speed up their design process
  • Ensure consistency across different designs by using the pre-designed components

Content creators can use the design system to:

  • Create content consistent with the county’s brand voice and tone
  • Write digital text that is user-friendly
  • Understand how to apply accessibility to writing
  • Apply standards and accessibility to photos, videos and graphics

County partners can use the design system to:

  • Adapt their digital products for county residents, where possible
  • Meet the county’s digital accessibility policy
  • Add to the consistency of the county’s digital experiences

Why we need it

Our earlier assets and standards were pretty good but not complete.

They were also scattered across several locations.

Now the elements are complete, they account for accessibility, and live in one place.

Why you can trust it

The design system’s information is:

  • Researched using industry standards and legal requirements
  • Vetted for accessibility
  • Tested with real users
  • Evaluated and updated
  • Informed by input of real users
  • Governed by a team of dedicated staff

How to give feedback

The design system is continuously evolving. Your feedback helps improve the design system. It makes the design system even more useful for you, your team, and Hennepin County.

Submit your feedback and ideas.

Our vision

Create accessible, consistent digital experiences for residents using human-centered design.

Our mission

Streamline design, development and content creation with a central set of standards. Ensure the final product serves the needs of users. Effectively communicate the county’s brand identity.

Balancing consistency and flexibility

The design system gives clear direction and consistent guidance. It also allows you the freedom to adjust, for specific use cases.

You can use it to maintain the integrity and familiarity of the end product. But it also allows reasonable flexibility for different contexts and user needs.

This balance ensures the design system is effective and efficient.

To learn how to use the design system, visit How to get started.