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Hennepin County Design System

Date picker

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The date picker component allows users to input a date or date range from the past, present, or future. It’s used most often in forms. A user can either enter the date themselves, or they can use the calendar view to look up their date.



When to use

Use the date picker’s calendar view to:

  • Give a range of dates
  • Provide a visual guide for picking a date for the near future or from the recent past
  • Let users pick day of the week, week of the month, and date
  • Offer the ability to see dates in relation to each other

When not to use

It’s not necessary to use the calendar view when asking users to pick a date familiar to them. For example, don’t use calendar view when asking for someone’s birthday.
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If the date picker is the only task on a page:

Use a heading level for the content that appears before the date picker fields. For example: "What is your birthday."

  • The heading level most likely will be an <H1> or <H2>.
  • Include the heading and content within the <legend> element.

Use accurate for and id attributes:

  • For example, <label for="short description of data collected"> and <input id="same short description of data collected">

Avoid using the type="number" attribute:

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking cannot read it aloud or select it.
  • The attribute reads as unlabeled on some screen readers.
  • It renders as a spin button when using NVDA's object navigation.
  • NVDA+tab reports it as an unlabeled field.

Avoid placeholder text:

  • It disappears when a user tabs into the text field. This removes the guidance of the placeholder text.
  • It can cause users to assume information is prepopulated.
  • Instead, use a hint or example above the select element and input fields and below the <legend> element.

To increase clarity and reduce user error:

  • Clearly label each field.
  • Match the hint example to the format of your date picker.
  • Use back-end validation to check for correct date input.

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