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Hennepin County Design System


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We are in the process of reviewing this component, content, or guidance to make improvements

Professional, informative videos help people understand our programs and services. They also help tell stories of our impact on people’s lives.

Embedded videos must use responsive and accessible code. We must host videos we produce on our YouTube account.



When to use

  • Use videos as a secondary source to supplement the information on the page.

When not to use

  • Don’t rely on only video to communicate information to users. Some users may prefer not to watch a video. Slow internet connections could also hinder their ability to watch video.
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  • Use the title attribute on the iframe element.
  • Use the description within the iframe element that includes a link to the video.
  • Provide controls for audio that automatically plays longer than 3 seconds. Controls should let people pause and stop the video, and control the volume.
  • Make media player functions available to keyboard users.
  • Give screen reader users correct names, roles, and values for media player controls.

For guidance on transcripts and closed captioning, visit Writing for accessibility

Set the audio of a video to “off” by default. Give users the option to turn it on. This respects user preferences and avoids unexpected interruptions.

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