Health care assistance

Health care assistance can provide coverage for health care expenses.

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Apply for health care assistance


Coverage began in January 2014. You can apply and shop online for healthcare coverage by visiting or by calling 1-855-3MNsure (1-855-366-7873) for more information, including the names of community agencies that can help you apply or provide language assistance.

There are self-service computers available for people to apply for MNsure at Hennepin County human services office locations.

If you need health care coverage right now, you can download an application from the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. 

Minnesota Health Care Programs application

You have the right to appeal

Applicants or clients who do not agree with an action taken on their case have the right to appeal. A Hennepin County Human Services Representative can help file the appeal forms. If you ask for the appeal promptly, you can continue to receive assistance while waiting for the appeal to be heard. However, if you lose the appeal, you must pay back any assistance received during that time. You may bring an attorney, advocate, friend, or relative to the appeal hearing. The State of Minnesota will send a written decision to you after the hearing. Contact the Hennepin County Appeals Office 612-348-2550 or 612-348-8852, or the Minnesota Department of Human Services Appeals office at 651-431-3600.

Managed health care options

If you qualify for a Medical Assistance (MA), you may need to choose a health plan (see below) to receive health care services. Most plans will also ask you to choose a primary clinic.

Health plans for families and adults without children

Blue Plus

  • Member Services: 651-662-5545
  • Transportation: 651-662-8648

Health Partners

  • Member Services: 952-967-7998
  • Transportation: 952-883-7400

Hennepin Health

  • Member Services: 612-596-1036
  • Transportation: 612-596-1036


  • Member Services: 612-676-3200
  • Transportation: 612-676-6830

Health plans for seniors, 65 and older


  • Member Services: 952-992-2580
  • Transportation: 952-992-2580

Health Partners

  • Member Services: 952-967-7029
  • Transportation: 952-883-7400


  • Member Services: 612-676-3200
  • Transportation: 612-676-6830

Health plans for people with disabilities

Health Partners

  • Member Services: 952-967-7998
  • Transportation: 952-883-7400

Hennepin Health

  • Member Services: 612-596-1507
  • Transportation: 612-596-1507


  • Member Services: 612-676-3395
  • Transportation: 612-676-6830


  • Member Services: 952-992-2580 
  • Transportation: 952-992-2580

Hennepin County managed care team

Get help with enrollment questions, billing questions, or complaints and HMO issues.


You should know

Medical assistance

Medical Assistance recipients are required to participate in managed care. There are some exceptions, and these are discussed in detail in the managed health care presentations at application sites. The managed health care advocates also can assist you.

Getting started

Once you get access to Medical Assistance, it can take several months to get enrolled in a health plan. In the meantime, you (and those who don't need to choose a health plan - see below) can have fee-for-service (also called straight Medical Assistance). This means you can go to any providers who accept Medical Assistance, and the provider will bill the state directly. Note: This does not apply to MinnesotaCare. Once you are enrolled in a health plan, you must get all medical care from that health plan's providers. If you go somewhere else without your health plan's approval, you will have to pay the bills. If you have questions about your health plan, call the health plan (see the phone numbers above) or call the Hennepin County Managed Health Care Office 612-596-8860.

Keeping your doctor

If each of your family members' clinics accept a different health plan, you may choose a different health plan for each person, to allow them to continue to see the same doctor. You will need to verify which plan each clinic accepts and then choose accordingly. You may change your health plan at any time during the first 12 months you are in the managed health care plan. After the first year, you can only change health plans once a year during open enrollment period which begins in September. Open enrollment changes are effective the first of January of the next year. For changes at other times, call the Managed Health Care office at 612-596-8860.

Approval for treatment

When you are enrolled in a health plan you must receive all your medical services through that health plan's providers, or have a referral from the health plan to go outside of the network for medical services. Most billing problems are the result of not following this rule. Billing problems should be referred to the Managed Health Care Advocate at 612-596-8860 for investigation.


If insurance denies coverage for a certain medical service, your first step is to contact a Managed Health Care Advocate at 612-596-8860 for assistance. They will contact your doctor to determine medical necessity and negotiate with the health plan. If this does not generate satisfactory results, the advocate will direct you to the Minnesota Ombudsman's office, and you may file an appeal.

Get help

Call the Hennepin County Managed Health Care Office at 612-596-8860 for help with enrollment questions, billing questions, or complaints. They can work with you and advocate for you when you have problems with the HMO. The staff also can give presentations to individuals and groups on managed health care.

Transportation to medical appointments

Minnesota Non-emergency Transportation (MNET) provides transportation to medical appointments for people on Medical Assistance, some pregnant women and children on MinnesotaCare who have no other transportation available to them.

If you are already enrolled in a managed health care plan, call your plan for transportation assistance.

Medica: 952-992-2292

Health Partners: 952-883-7400

Hennepin Health: 1-800-647-0550

UCare: 612-676-6830

Resources and reimbursement

If you want reimbursement for mileage and parking expenses even if you are in a health plan, or if you pay "fee for service" for your medical care and are not in a managed health care plan but need medical transportation:

Call MNET at 1-866-467-1724.

Other information

Allowable medical transportation expenses

  • Bus fare
  • Taxi fare
  • Light rail transit fare
  • Mileage reimbursement (call in advance)
  • Parking with a receipt
  • Trips outside the local area, including transportation, lodging, and meals (call in advance).

"Fee for service"

Transportation must be to a Medical Assistance or medical service provider and the service must be a Medical Assistance-paid service.

Medical Assistance "spenddown"

A Medical Assistance "spenddown" is like an insurance deductible. Medical transportation does count against the "spenddown".

Hennepin Health: 1-800-647-0550
Hennepin Health: 1-800-647-0550
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