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Child care assistance

The child care assistance program helps families pay for child care so parents can work, look for a job or attend school. The program is available for families with children younger than 13 and with children with special needs who are younger than 15.

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We're also adding technology tools in the community for people who aren't able to access online tools using their own personal devices. Using a digital access point, residents can:

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Start by calling Hennepin County at 612-348-5937.

Based on your answers to a few questions, we will:

  • Mail a child care application packet, or
  • Add your name to a waiting list (if funds are not available), or
  • Tell you why you are not eligible at this time

If you receive an application, fill out and return the required forms and other documents. Send proof documenting things such as address, identity, income, work schedule and school schedule.

Applications are processed within 30 days. Your child care provider must be registered with Hennepin County. It takes 4–6 weeks to become registered.

Choose a provider

Select a child care provider that is best for your children. Your provider can be:

  • Licensed child care centers (licensed through the state)
  • Licensed family child care (licensed through Hennepin County)
  • Licensed exempt child care (such as school programs)
  • Legally unlicensed family child care (provider must be 18 or older and must pass a background check)

All providers must be registered with Hennepin County to participate in the program. Unlicensed providers must pass background checks.

It is a good idea to interview the child care provider and visit the program before using the service.

Care for school-age children

Studies show that children in quality school-age programs are more likely to turn in homework, attend school, and have improved school behavior. Children are also less likely to participate in risky behavior such as smoking, drinking, or using drugs. Research tells us school-age programs also:

  • Help kids learn social skills
  • Create changes to get involved in communities
  • Connect families to other services

Questions and answers

How often do I have to submit paperwork?

After you are approved for benefits, a renewal form must be completed every six months along with updated proof of income and activity.

What kinds of changes should I report?

Report any changes in income, jobs (starting or ending), work hours, school schedules, marital status, family size, and address, within 10 days. These changes can affect your eligibility, your approved care, or the co-pay amount.

What is an overpayment?

This is child care money paid out in excess of what a person was eligible to receive. It must be paid back. As long as you are receiving child care benefits, your co-pay will be increased until the debt is paid in full.

How do I change child care providers?

Contact a child care assistance worker right away. The current provider must be given a 15-day written notice to end care. The new provider must be registered in Hennepin County.

Can a child use multiple providers?

More than one provider can be used per child. A child care worker will figure out how much care a child can have with each provider. The total amount of care cannot exceed 120 hours in a two-week period for each child.

How much will I have to pay for child care?

The size of your co-pay will depend on your family size and other factors. You can look up your co-pay on the Minnesota Department of Human Services website. You may have additional costs.

Family co-payment schedules - October 2021 (PDF)

Hennepin County pays child care providers only up to maximum rates. If providers charge more than maximum rates, the family must pay the difference. Providers can also charge for:

  • Late fees
  • Optional activity fees
  • Transportation fees
  • Hours not authorized for payment by Hennepin County

Be sure you understand the child care provider’s payment policies.

Online resources

Child Care Aware – Help finding a child care provider and child care provider resources. Call 651-290-9704.

Think Small – Help with finding a child care provider and child care provider resources. Call 651-641-0332.

Parent Aware – Help finding child care and early learning providers. Call toll-free 1-888-291-9811.

DHS licensing look-up – Help finding licensed child care providers, complaints, and compliance reports.

Minnesota Department of Human Services – Child Care Assistance Program

Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery

Domestic Abuse Service Center

Registering as a child care provider

Providers cannot be reimbursed for child care services until both the provider and family have been authorized to receive child care assistance payments.

The authorization for providers involves registering with the county or tribe that serves the family and meeting the necessary requirements for receiving payment from the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP). In Hennepin County, the registration process is initiated when an eligible family notifies the CCAP of their chosen provider. Paperwork is then sent out to the chosen provider to complete. Once the paperwork is returned, Hennepin County reviews it and notifies the provider if they have been approved or additional information is needed.

Billing and receiving payments

After the family is authorized to receive assistance and the provider is registered, the CCAP agency will send the provider a service authorization listing the number of hours of care approved for each child, the maximum rates for each child and the family's co-payment amount. Providers must submit bills within 60 days of the last date of care or the date the billing form was sent, whichever is later.

For more information, see the Department of Human Services' Child Care Provider Guide.

For billing or payment questions, contact Accounts Payable at 612-348-3445 or If you need replacement billing forms for a specific CCAP case, contact the assigned child care worker.

Re-authorization of providers

  • Providers must complete the provider registration process and be re-authorized every two years.
  • Legal non-licensed providers must be re-authorized when another person older than the age of 13 joins the household, a current household member turns 13 or there is reason to believe a household member may prevent authorization. In some cases, a legal non-licensed provider might need to be re-authorized when a person older than the age of 10 joins the household or a current member of the household turns 10.

Payment rates for providers

Maximum rates depend on the type of child care setting and are determined by the State. Hennepin County rates can be found on the Department of Human Services website.

Unmet co-pays

If a parent does not keep current with co-pays, contact the child care worker. Benefits will end until the co-pay is paid or the provider agrees to another payment arrangement.

Reporting changes

Providers must notify the agency immediately of any changes to information previously submitted on their registration form (Provider Acknowledgement), including address, phone number, rates, charges for absences and holidays, notice days required before a child ends care and required registration fees.

Providers can report changes by downloading and mailing in a paper form to the address below or submitting an electronic form.


Child care registration contact information

Phone: 612-348-6850

Fax: 612-348-6499


Hennepin County – Human Services
Child Care Registration – MC718
300 S. 6th St.
Mpls, MN 55487-0718


Report complaints to your child care worker and call the appropriate complaint line.

  • Licensed center: 651-296-3971
  • Licensed and unlicensed family provider: 612-348-3883
  • Child protection issue: 612-348-3552

Report potential fraud

Make a report of suspected fraud online with the Minnesota Department of Human Services Office of Inspector General, or call a fraud hot line, below.

  • Minnesota fraud hot line: 651-431-3968
  • Hennepin County fraud hot line: 612-348-4952
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