Marriage license

A marriage license in Minnesota is valid for six months and only allows you to be married in the state of Minnesota.

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Step 1: Pre-apply online

Save time and use our online application system to enter most of your information before coming to our office.

Legal name information

A marriage certificate is considered a legal document, and it’s important to file all legal documents in the same name to avoid future complications with state or federal agencies.

When completing the application:

  • Enter your current full legal name - do not use nicknames
  • If applicable, felony conviction requirements must be fulfilled
  • You are allowed to legally change your middle and last names as well as suffixes (Jr, Sr, III, etc) during a marriage
    Do not use numbers, symbols or offensive words
    You may use hyphens and two-part names by entering more than one name in a name field
  • First name cannot be changed as part of this process
  • Review your marriage license documents before leaving our office to ensure they are accurate - especially the names and dates of birth

After your marriage, any requests for name changes require an amendment, documentation and a fee. All requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis, A review can take up to two weeks. Other name changes must be done through court as a petition for a legal name change.

Social Security numbers

You must provide both Social Security numbers or certify that you don't have one or both.

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Step 2: Visit service center

  1. Bring the receipt from your online pre-application (printed or a screen shot)
  2. Bring all required forms to a Hennepin County service center where your application process will be completed and you will receive your license

Save time – make an appointment at a service center.

What to bring to complete application

Both applicants should come in, but if one of you can't, you must bring completed:

  • License application (PDF)
    Signature of the person not appearing must be notarized (e-notarizations are not accepted at this time)
  • Identification such as a driver's license or state ID

If you are divorced:

  • You will need to supply us with the exact date your divorce was finalized, as well as the county, state and court where the divorce occurred.
  • If you are from California or Wisconsin, you must wait six months after the divorce was finalized apply for a Minnesota license.

If you have a felony conviction and want a name change through a marriage license application, Minnesota law requires a person convicted of a felony under any law, on or after August 1, 2000, to:

  • Serve a notice of application for a name change (PDF) on the prosecuting authority for the felony.
  • Wait 30 days after notice of application for a name change has been served.
  • Provide us with an affidavit of service (PDF) documenting to whom and when your felon name change notice was served.
  • Provide us with an applicant certification (PDF) documenting that 30 days have passed since serving the felon name change notice. Or, you may provide a certified copy of a court order approving the name change.
  • Bring the receipt (printed or a screen shot) from your pre-application process and any other required forms which are identified during your online application process. You can complete an application by hand at the service center if you prefer.


Additional information

  • Neither of you is required to be a Minnesota resident.
  • A packet of information will be given to you with your license - proof the marriage license carefully while at the counter. Especially the names and dates of births.
  • A marriage must be witnessed by two adults (16 or older).
  • An official who marries a couple should review the Filing a marriage license section.
  • Notary services are available at all service centers.
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