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Community corrections and rehabilitation

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation works to enhance community safety, promote community restoration, and reduce the risk of re‚Äźoffense. Department staff serve Hennepin County at more than 20 service locations ranging from correctional facilities to probation reporting offices and occupational training centers, delivering sustainable correctional services to more than 26,000 adult and juvenile clients. It is the largest community corrections organization in Minnesota.

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The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation has implemented several changes due to COVID-19 to our facilities, programs and probation offices to help ensure the health and safety of our clients, residents and staff. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Visiting residents at correctional facilities

Our department has made temporary changes to in-person visits at the Adult Corrections Facility and Juvenile Detention Center, to help ensure the health and safety of our residents and staff. Additional communication options have been made available to residents.

Adult Corrections Facility

Video visiting available at the facility. Residents can make phone calls. Residents can send and receive mail. For questions about communicating with residents, please contact the Adult Corrections Facility at 612-596-0001.

Juvenile Detention Center

In-person visiting available seven days a week with a pre-scheduled appointment. To schedule a visit, please contact the Juvenile Detention Center at 612-348-8122. Residents can also video chat and make phone calls to parents and guardians. Residents can send and receive mail. For questions about communicating with residents, please contact the Juvenile Detention Center at 612-348-8122.

Find COVID-19 data for each facility.

Probation office changes

Our department has temporarily moved several probation services to alternative locations. If you have an in-person meeting with your probation officer, you should contact them before your appointment to confirm the location.

How to contact your probation officer

  • All clients should contact their probation officer by phone or email, do not show up in person if you do not have an appointment.
  • If you do not have your probation officer's contact information, email
  • Adult probation clients who need immediate assistance, call 612-348-2110.
  • Juvenile probation clients who need immediate assistance, call 612-348-3700.

Program and service changes

Our department has temporarily altered certain programs and services to help ensure the health and safety of our clients and staff.

Sentencing to Service (STS)

Additional health and safety measures required for clients. Learn more about STS.

Visiting county buildings

These requirements apply to all county buildings, including all probation offices and correction facilities.

  • Visitors to most county buildings are not required to wear a mask.
  • Visitors may still be required to wear a mask in certain county buildings, including correctional, detention, and health care settings. Follow instructions from signage and building staff.
  • Masks are recommended for those who are unvaccinated or at high-risk for COVID-19.
  • Visitors who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms should not enter county buildings, when possible. If these visitors must enter, they should wear a mask.

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation serves more than 26,000 adult and juvenile clients in over 20 locations throughout Hennepin County. Learn more about how we serve our clients by clicking the links below.


Our correctional facilities provide safe, secure, and healthy environments for residents who are either waiting for court disposition or placement, or who have been sentenced or committed by the courts. Each facility provides residents with a wide array of educational programming and support services focused on successful return to the community.

Our department has a zero-tolerance policy for incidents of sexual abuse, misconduct and harassment. Report an incident of sexual abuse, misconduct or harassment that occurred in one of our facilities.



Our probation divisions provide a wide-array of services, including pre-sentence investigations, supervision, supports and other assistance to our criminal justice partners, clients, and families engaged in Hennepin County's justice system. Probation officers work closely with clients and community organizations to enhance community safety, promote community restoration, and reduce the risk of re-offense.

The criminal justice system in Hennepin County is made up of law enforcement, the court system, which includes judges, prosecutors, and the Public Defender, as well as the Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation.

Criminal justice information

County assistance and programs

Find assistance with food, housing, medical, employment, and individual and family wellness.

Community resources

Health care assistance

Housing assistance

Legal assistance



Family court services

These programs are for cases involving custody, divorce, or other family law topics.

Felony name change process

View the name change guide (PDF).

Predator offender registration

Once you have completed probation, you must report information changes to local law enforcement within 72 hours. These changes include your physical address, phone number, work and/or school location, and vehicle information. Visit the Minnesota predatory offender registration.

Voting after a felony conviction

You can vote after you complete ALL parts of your sentence, including probation or supervised released. As soon as you finish (once you are ‘off-paper’), you can vote. Register to vote before Election Day if you can.

Data portal and research report library

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation is a data-driven organization, and frequently conducts studies to better serve clients.

Data portal

The department maintains a data portal with filterable information about probation and correctional facility populations. View the department's data portal.

Research report library

The department maintains a library of published research reports that examine a variety of probation and corrections related topics. View the department's research report library.

COVID-19 data

The department maintains COVID-19 data for each of its correctional facilities. View the department's COVID-19 data.

Data practices requests

You have the right to access the department’s data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act.

Request data using Hennepin County’s online data request portal.

Community corrections coalition

The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation launched a Community Corrections Coalition in early 2020 to advise and influence policies and practices, particularly as they relate to racial disparities and service gaps, as well as to support the building of relationships between community members and the department. This group includes a diverse group of members.

For more information about the Community Corrections Coalition, please email Taska Welters, the Community Corrections Coalition Coordinator, at

Read the Community Corrections Coalition charter (PDF)

Upcoming public meetings

Community Corrections Coalition public forum:

View the public forum agenda – March 29, 2022 (DOCX)

Past public meetings

Meeting minutes are available for public forums that have occurred within the past 12 months.


The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation is an equity-focused, client-centered and employee-driven department with more than 950 staff working in a variety of jobs. View current job opportunities with our department.

Volunteer opportunities

More than 400 volunteers fulfill a variety of important roles in our department including leading groups, tutoring clients, and acting as mentors or role models. Volunteering provides an opportunity for people of all ages and interests to get involved in their community. View current volunteer openings for public safety.


Internships are vital to Hennepin County's workforce development strategy. Every student that enters our doors represents a chance to inspire a new generation of public service leaders. On average, our department hosts 35 to 40 interns per year. For more information about internships, please contact the county's HR Service Center at 612-348-7855 or

View the organizational chart for department (PDF).

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