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Information for mental health and substance use service providers

Hennepin County provides consultation and eligibility screening for the behavioral health fund to access substance use disorder services. We also manage Hennepin Health placement requests. For information about resources available to residents, visit our mental health and substance use services page.

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Using Fast-Tracker

Fast-Tracker can help you find a substance use provider program that fits your clients needs. Once a program is identified, you can work with them to determine whether your client is already eligible for the behavioral health fund, which would allow them to obtain services free of charge.

If they are on Medical Assistance (MA) or MNsure, they already qualify (if they have a monthly spend down that would also apply when accessing substance use disorder (SUD) services). If they are not already eligible, the SUD provider can pre-screen them and if eligible, staff can help them fill out the Rule 24 application and send it to the county. Please encourage the client to apply for MA or MNsure for continued eligibility. 

Direct access process for providers

Check in MNITS (or MMIS for counties) to see if the person needing services is on MA or a health plan, or has an existing OO eligibility span to access the behavioral health fund. If the individual is/does, they are already eligible for SUD service funding.

If not, pre-screen them to determine if their income is below the income guidelines and look at their last residence outside of an excluded facility to determine which county may be financially responsible. It if appears they are eligible, then have staff fill out the Rule 24 application and send it to the county. We will make a determination and contact the sender with the outcome. If approved for the behavioral health fund, we will open the OO eligibility span on the date requested (assessment must be completed on or before the start of services to be covered).

Hennepin Health members have access to all programs that accept the behavioral health fund without needing prior approval. The program or assessor should send the assessment and client placement authorization form (CPA) to the county’s Addiction and Recovery Services Unit within 10 days of service initiation.  

The following three providers work directly with Hennepin Health and do not send information to Hennepin County:

  • CLUES: 612- 746-3500
  • Chrysalis: 612-871-0118
  • Create-Workhouse in Plymouth: 612-596-0099

If assessment/treatment is done by one of the above three agencies, the CPA form goes to Hennepin Health directly from that agency. The CPA form is required for Hennepin Health to authorize SUD services. 

More information

Hennepin County Addiction and Recovery Services Unit assists residents with: 

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Technical assistance 
  • Clinical consultation
  • Hennepin Health placements (send completed CPA and assessment – modifiers and rates can be left off with program/service description

Call Hennepin County’s Addiction and Recovery Services Unit at 612-879-3671 or visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services links below for additional information on direct access, for partners, providers and residents.

Direct Access

Get Help for Alcohol and Drug Use Problems

Contact information

Clinical review team phone list (DOCX)

Application forms

Determining behavioral health fund eligibility (PDF)

Minnesota County Rule 24 eligibility screening/determination (PDF) 

Excluded facilities (DOCX)

Assessment forms

Hennepin County comprehensive assessment tool (PDF)

Hennepin County comprehensive assessment update (DOCX)

Placement forms

Client placement authorization - Blank (DOCX)

Client placement authorization - Tx/Coord/PRSS (DOCX)

Hennepin County chemical health extension request form (DOCX)

Release of information form

Release of information

Technical information/tools 

BHF service rate grid (PDF)

Modifier/Provider specialty code descriptions (DOCX)

Collateral questions (DOCX)

County code numbers (PDF)

Date calculator (XLS)

Substance use disorder DSM criteria (DOCX) 

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