Licensed foster parents

Find information and resources to maintain your license and care for your foster children.

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Phone numbers

If someone is in immediate danger, call 911.

For a child’s mental health emergency, call 612-348-2233.

For suspected child mistreatment or after-hours emergency, call 612-348-3552. Learn more about child protection services.

If you can't reach your licensing worker, call the coverage line at 612-348-9091.

For reimbursement or other financial information, call accounting at 612-348-3445.

File a report

Refer to the Foster Parent A-Z Guide for specific descriptions of circumstances that require reports.

Incident report

Document any injuries involving your foster child, as well as behavioral concerns, illnesses and more, as noted in the A-Z Guide. Submit completed incident reports to your licensing worker.

Complete an incident report form (PDF)

Child protection reports

Make a report if you suspect a foster child is being neglected or abused.

Police reports

Call 911 if anyone is in immediate danger.

Also call police if a child runs away or noncustodial parent takes a child. Contact your foster care licensing worker and the child’s placing worker, and complete an incident report.

Training and support groups

Annual training requirements

Licensed foster parents must complete 12 hours of training each year. This includes at least five hours of trainings led by Hennepin County. Talk with your licensing worker to make sure any outside training meets licensing requirements.

Hennepin County foster care training calendar (PDF)

Support for families

For information about these groups, see the foster care training calendar.

Foster families

Last Wednesday of the month, 6–8 p.m.

  • No registration necessary
  • Ideas and resources from other foster parents

Hennepin County Library – Brookdale (Creekside Room)
6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center

Foster families considering adoption (concurrent families)

Second Monday of each month, 6:30–8:30 p.m.

Lenox Community Center
6715 Minnetonka Boulevard, St. Louis Park

Foster parents caring for teens

Last Thursday of the month, 6–8 p.m.

  • Support from other parents who understand the issues you are facing
  • Tips for navigating child protection and the court system
  • No registration needed

Hennepin County Library – Brookdale (Creekside Room)
6125 Shingle Creek Parkway, Brooklyn Center

Forms and resources

Blank forms

Child questionnaire for respite care (PDF)

Foster care minimum clothing standard (DOCX)

Incident report form (PDF)

Miscellaneous expense voucher (PDF)

Sample forms

Please review the sample forms before completing your forms.

Reimbursements for out-of-home respite care – sample (PDF)

Reimbursements for in-home respite care – sample (PDF)


Foster care provider record of training (PDF)

Medical monitoring equipment training (PDF)

Northstar Care for Children

Northstar Care has a supplemental payment that provides for the extra care and attention for many children and youth who are placed in foster, relative care or adoptive placements. The benefit level is determined by the Minnesota Assessment of Parenting for Children and Youth (MAPCY).

For more information or assistance, talk with your placement or licensing social worker.

Learn more from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

MAPCY (Minnesota Assessment of Parenting for Children and Youth)

Q and A for foster care providers (DOCX)

Survey cover letter (DOCX)

Survey for foster parents (DOCX)

Prep sheet cover letter (DOCX)

Foster parent prep sheet (DOCX)


Newsletter for foster parents

Licensed foster care providers can get the Essentials newsletter quarterly by email.

  • Get the newsletter by email
  • The newsletter comes out quarterly
  • Sign up by talking with your licensing worker

Supporting youth in transition

Foster parents can help young people navigate their responsibilities and opportunities as they approach adulthood.

Plan for change

Youth transition conference

Young people in foster care have an opportunity to participate in a youth transition conference. Foster parents may be asked to participate as well.

A youth transition conference is a series of meetings for youth and their circles of support for the purpose of helping them discuss their new responsibilities and opportunities, and to prepare for independent living. Starting at about age 16, youth drive the meetings, with help from a neutral facilitator. Typically, follow up meetings monitor progress, provide accountability and adapt the plan to the youth's changing needs.

This process helps young people:

  • Develop a vision of their future, instead of seeing only the here and now
  • Learn how to set goals, accomplish tasks and monitor results
  • Challenge themselves by trying new things and making their own decisions
  • Recognize their strengths, capacities and a sense of control over their lives
  • Develop and stay connected to a network of supportive people

View a video about Youth in Transition Conferencing.

Extended Foster Care

Young people who are in foster care on their 18th birthdays qualify for extended foster care services. They may stay in traditional foster care settings or move to supervised independent living settings.

Find requirements and program information.

Explore other resources for youth

STAY funds

A flexible fund can help young people pay for expenses such as drivers ed, travel to visit relatives, college visits, etc. The STAY program offers many other resources for youth. Formerly known as the SELF program.

Learn more about the STAY program.

Grants for post-secondary education and training

  • Grants are available to foster youth for post-high school education and training
  • Grants cover tuition, books, housing, child care, transportation and living expenses

Learn more about the Minnesota Education and Training Voucher Program.

Resources for youth

View the county's resources for youth information including for health, housing, education, transportation, career, and relationship supports.

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