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Celebrate Earth Day 2022

Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges the county faces because of its significant environmental, societal, and economic impacts on both a global and local level. This Earth Day, we are focusing on how we can take action to address climate change as individuals and as a community.

Take climate action

Download resources, social media graphics, and newsletter articles to promote climate action in your community:

Explore the resources below to learn more about how you can take action to combat climate change.

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Our climate is changing, and we all need to be part of the solution

Climate change is solvable, we know the solutions, and we’re in this together. Even in Minnesota, we are starting to notice the effects of climate change from warming winter temperatures to more extreme precipitation events. Thankfully, most people are interested in creating a climate-friendly future. To create that future, we need to be willing to take significant action on the most impactful changes.

Learn how you can celebrate Earth Day and be part of the solution to climate change.

The most impactful ways to take climate action are:

  • Getting around in a sustainable way
  • Switching to renewable energy and conserve energy
  • Avoiding wasting food and eat a more plant-based diet
  • Living a low-waste lifestyle and practice thoughtful consumption
  • Being a good steward of our natural resources
  • Talking about climate change and get involved in your community

Climate Action Plan

In 2021, Hennepin County launched the county’s Climate Action Plan to guide our response to climate change. Pursuing the strategies laid out in the plan will enable us to create a better future for ourselves and future generations. The plan includes 5 goals, 29 strategies, and 145 tactics. The strategies focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to our changing climate in ways that reduce vulnerabilities and ensure a more equitable and resilient Hennepin County.

The goal of Earth Day is simple: to unite people around the world in taking action to protect the planet. Here are ways you can celebrate this Earth Day!

Hold your own Earth Day cleanup

Protect our lakes, rivers, and streams by signing up to adopt a drain and keeping the storm drains on your street clear of leaves, grass clippings, and litter. Or grab some gloves and a bag before you head out on a walk and pick up some litter while you’re out. To learn how to sort the litter you clean up, refer to the waste sort guide for litter cleanups (PDF). See below for other cleanup events being hosted in your community.

Sign up to adopt a river

If you're looking to organize your own cleanup event at your favorite body of water, Freshwater’s new Adopt a River Toolkit can help you! This toolkit walks you through step-by-step instructions from pulling together your team and gathering supplies to celebrating your impact once you’re finished. You can register your cleanup and join the growing Adopt a River community!

Get outside and spend time in nature

Spending time in nature is good for your health and well-being. Practice your observational skills and learn more about what you see outside by starting a phenology journal to record seasonal changes or contribute to scientific research. The University of Minnesota, the Bell Museum, and the Minnesota Academy of Science have ideas for how to get involved.

Practice sustainable transportation

Explore your neighborhood and discover what you can walk or bike to. Learn more about Hennepin County’s commitment to biking and view upcoming projects here and visit Twin Cities Biking for more information.

Use sustainable landscaping

Plan your garden and include native plants that provide flowers and habitat for pollinators. Design ways to keep water on your yard by installing rain barrels, designing a rain garden, or redirecting downspouts.

Reduce food waste

Learn strategies to reduce food waste at Save the Food and commit to taking action. Improve your meal planning and sticking to your grocery list, store food to make it last, reorganize and inventory your refrigerator or pantry or keep track of perishable items and use them up before they spoil.

Start backyard composting

Put your fruit and vegetable scraps and yard waste to better use by starting backyard composting. The end product is nutrient-rich compost that you can add to your yard or garden.

Start some low-waste habits

Replace disposable items you commonly use with reusables, be a thoughtful consumer by only buying what you need and buying high-quality items that are meant to last, and extend the life of your items by maintaining or repairing them.

Read a book about the environment

Read a book on climate change or the environment. See recommendations from the Earth Day Network on must-read books and must-read books for the winter holiday.

Share your story

Learn how to talk about environmental issues and share your story. Check out climate storytelling resources from Climate Generation and get inspiration for digital ways to push for action by following the Earth Day Network. Share how you are taking action this Earth Day by tagging Hennepin Environment on Facebook and Instagram or @hennepinenviro on Twitter and use #EarthDay2022.

2022 Earth Day and Arbor Day events

To learn how to sort the litter you clean up, refer to the waste sort guide for litter cleanups (PDF).

Earth Day weekend, April 22 to 24

Arbor Day celebrations, April 29 to May 7

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