Community health improvement partnership

Envisioning a healthier Hennepin County

The Community Health Improvement Partnership (CHIP) was formed to foster alliances across organizations in multiple sectors to target community health issues together for greater impact. It was founded in 2012 by the Community Health Boards of Hennepin County, Minneapolis, Bloomington, Edina, and Richfield and their partners.

The partnership closed out and celebrated its first 5-years in 2017 while planning for the future. Data and community input collected through multiple venues led to CHIP’s new focus on increased mental health and well-being in communities over the next 3-5 years.

Two overarching strategies have been chosen to address this:

  1. Support mental wellbeing in communities through policy and systems changes
  2. Address housing stability as a social determinant of mental health and wellbeing

A new CHIP Executive Committee was established in December 2017 with key partners representing these strategies. The committee has worked since then to gather more community input, and created overarching CHIP roles and principles, as well as vision statements and work plans for each of the two strategies.

We also have a strong commitment to racial equity as demonstrated by this statement:

Health and racial equity

Health and racial equity are at the core of our work. Because of this, we will focus on the ways structural and institutional racism and bias impact outcomes for people of color. We will use a racial equity lens to focus our intent, which will bring us all to a shared understanding, language, and definitions on race and bias as we catalyze and carry out our work.

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CHIP - first phase

CHIP 1.0 final report (PDF)

CHIP 2017 Community Health Assessment (PDF 14MB)

CHIP Plan 2012-2015 (PDF)

  • The 2012-2015 Community Health Improvement Plan for Hennepin County Residents – a summary of the results of the 2012 planning process and the targeted strategic health goals

Appendix 1: Participants (PDF)

  • CHIP leadership group, forum participants, and survey participants

Appendix 2: The MAPP process details (PDF)

  • Overview of the MAPP process and how it was used in this planning process. Includes tables of summary information from the CHIP forum discussions and survey, characteristics of a healthy community and themes, and SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) and Forces of Change discussions.

Appendix 3A: Data details (PDF)

  • 3.A.1. Hennepin Public Health Data website information
  • 3.A.2. 2012 CHIP survey questions and summary results
  • 3.A.3. Data PowerPoints from the CHIP forums 1 & 3
  • 3.A.4. Key findings from the 2010 SHAPE adult survey
  • 3.A.5. Key findings from the 2010 SHAPE child survey
  • 3.A.6. List of Community Health Assessment Indicator fact sheets from the Hennepin Public Health Data website

Appendix 3B: Indicator fact sheets (PDF)

  • Indicator fact sheets with data available during the 2012 CHIP process
  • CHIP planning data: provides links to the various data sources accessed for the community health assessment and data work for this process.

Public health data

  • This site provides links to information the results of the community health assessment.
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