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The Community Health Assessment is a tool to monitor the health of children and adults who live in Hennepin County. It serves as a resource for an ongoing conversation about policies and programs to enhance health in the county. Collection, review and analysis of health data is an important function of Hennepin County Public Health. Organization of that data into the community health assessment and relevant facts sheets is one way to share health data to inform stakeholders and the public about health issues and concerns in the community.

Hennepin County public health has compiled the following 34 fact sheets on various health topics that affect Hennepin County community residents, members and employees. Each fact sheet is organized in a similar manner, with a review of the current status for each selected topic, and where possible breakdowns by race/ethnicity, age, income, education and/or geography are provided, and in some cases comparison to state, local or national data and trend data. For most topics, the data in each fact sheet is an overview of what is available and more specific requests may be accommodated. For specific data requests or any questions on data in the fact sheets, please email Facts sheets are updated as new data becomes available.

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Nutrition, physical activity and substance use

Nutrition and physical activity

Adults engaging in no leisure-time physical activity (2014) (PDF)
14% of adults aged 25 and older

Adults drinking one or more sugar-sweetened beverages daily or more often (2014); adolescents drinking one or more sugar-sweetened beverages yesterday (2016) (PDF)
22% of Hennepin County adults aged 25 and older; 71% of suburban Hennepin County 9th graders

Children and adolescents who consumed five or more fruits/vegetables per day (2015) (PDF)
47% of 3-5 year-old children in Hennepin County; 18% of suburban Hennepin County 9th graders

Adults who consumed five or more fruits/vegetables per day (2015) (PDF)
36% of adults in Hennepin County aged 25 and older

Alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Adolescent past 30-day alcohol use (2016) (PDF)
7% of 9th graders consumed alcohol in the past 30 days

Adults drinking alcohol excessively (2014) (PDF)
29% of adults 25 years and older excessively consuming alcohol

Tobacco use among adolescents in suburban Hennepin County (2016) (PDF)
3% of suburban Hennepin County 9th graders

Adults currently smoking (2014) (PDF)
8% of adults aged 25 and older

Adults exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke at home (2014) (PDF)
5% of adults aged 25 and older

Opioid use (2016) (PDF)
149 opioid-involved deaths in Hennepin County

Adolescent past 30-day drug (marijuana and non-prescribed prescription drugs) use (2016) (PDF)
5.5% of 9th graders past 30-day marijuana use; 3.9% of 9th graders past 30-day non-prescribed prescription drug use

Preventive health care and access to services

Preventive health care

Adults with dental health insurance and dental care utilization (2014) (PDF)
78% of adults have dental insurance coverage; 79% of adults visited a dentist in the past year. 

Children with a dental visit in the past year (2015) (PDF)
85% of children 3 to 17

Children (24-35 months) up to date on immunizations (2017) (PDF)
53% of children 24-35 months completed 4:3:1:3:3:1 series

Access to services

Adults without usual place of care (2014) (PDF)
18.3% of adults 25 and older

Adults with unmet medical care needs (2014) (PDF)
12.1% of adults 25 and older

Adults with unmet mental health care needs (2014) (PDF)
52.8% of adults 25 and older who reported they had a mental health care need (24%) reported not getting the care they need.

Maternal, infant and child health

The birth report interactive web map application is available! View the new birth data side by side with interactive maps. Click on the cities to see the statistics for each. This mapping application is best viewed in full screen, using Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 or newer. Updated printable PDFs will be available soon.

Printable PDFs

Teen parent report card – 2017 (PDF)
Pregnant and parenting teens face challenges to achieving healthy outcomes for themselves and their children. The Teen Parent Report Card describes the scope of this issue, and the ways that Hennepin County, Bloomington Public Health, and the Minneapolis Health Department have collaborated to prevent teen pregnancies and provide supportive services for pregnant and parenting teens.

Teen births – Rate of births to mothers aged 15 to 19 years old, per 1,000 females in the population (2015) (PDF)
13.4 births per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19

Repeat teen births – Rates of repeat births to mothers 15 to 19 years old, per 1,000 females in the population (PDF)

Pre-term Births – Singleton births at less than 37 weeks of gestation (2014) (PDF)
6.8 percent of all births

Low birthweight births – Singleton births weighing less than 2500 grams (2015) (PDF)
5.4 percent of all singleton births

Early prenatal care – Births to mothers who started prenatal care in first trimester (2015) (PDF)
76 percent of all births

Maternal age – Births to first-time mothers aged 35 or older (2014) (PDF)
12 percent of all births

Foreign-born mothers – Births to mothers who were born outside of the U.S. or U.S. territories (2014) (PDF)
29 percent of all births

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