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Kevin Anderson, District 7

Thank you for visiting our page. We are happy to represent the residents of the northern and western edges of our county. Our district spans from St. Bonifacius to the south, Rogers to the north, Champlin to the east, and many other communities in between. We have agricultural, rural residential, and urban developments, as well as many miles roads, several lakes, and many acres of park land that make our district a great place to live.

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Hennepin County

  • Active Living Hennepin County, member
  • Audit Committee, member
  • County Extension Committee, member
  • Elections Canvassing Board, member
  • Health and Human Services, vice-chair
  • Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA), member
  • Hennepin County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA), member
  • Hennepin Health, member
  • Hennepin History Museum, member
  • IT Advisory Committee, member
  • Public Works, chair

Other positions

  • Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC), voting delegate
  • Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) Health and Human Services, member
  • Association of Minnesota Counties Transportation and Infrastructure, member
  • Transportation and Infrastructure, member
  • Community Action Partnership of Hennepin County (CAP-HC) Board, member
  • Metropolitan Emergency Services Board (MESB), alternate
  • Metropolitan Mosquito Control District, member
  • Transportation Advisory Board, alternate

Commissioner Anderson has been serving the residents of District 7 since 2021. Prior to public service, Kevin spent twenty years in the technology industry, most recently working as a Solutions Architect designing and implementing creative solutions to complex problems. He has served the community in various ways such as leading initiatives as president of his church, volunteering on the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America stewardship council and exploring solutions on the School District Planning Advisory Council.

The county board faces many issues that Kevin recognizes as essential to our community, including investments in transportation, expanded access to mental health services, and protecting our green spaces. As Hennepin County Commissioner he leverages both his professional experience and volunteer experiences to develop solid, innovative solutions for the county’s issues.

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