Treatment for substance use disorders

Addiction and recovery services are available to Hennepin County residents who have problems with drug or alcohol use and meet income guidelines, or who have been referred by the court.

Services are available directly from a variety of health care and social services providers. Most programs are culturally diverse and offer different treatment models.

Services include:

  • Substance use assessments
  • Detoxification/Withdrawal Management
  • Referrals to 245G Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment programs for high, medium, and low-intensity inpatient, outpatient and medication assisted treatment services, supportive housing, and case management.
  • Other support services

Private insurance may not cover all or some addiction services. Services may be paid for with public funding if the recipient is financially eligible. This includes minors, who almost always are eligible if they have private or no insurance.

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Addiction assessment

Rule 25 (Chemical Use) Assessment

Chemical Health (Rule 25) Assessments are completed for people who need help to pay for chemical health treatment. Eligible people also meet income guidelines, or are on Medicaid fee-for-service programs, on MinnesotaCare, or who are living on an Native American reservation. The assessment process is governed by state law.

A number of providers in the metro area provide Rule 25 Assessments. Though some sites target a certain population, all sites provide assessments to any individual.

Call 612-348-4111 to get a referral for an assessment if you are a Hennepin County resident, or if you are covered by Hennepin Health. You may also get information on some of the programs located in Hennepin County which perform assessments for other health plans.

For more information, and a complete listing of contacts for all counties, tribes, and healthcare plans, as well as treatment programs, follow the link below.

Minnesota Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division

Project CHILD

A healthy mom means a healthier baby. Take steps today for yourself and for your child.

If you are pregnant and are using drugs or alcohol, we can connect you to the chemical health services you need. Call 612-348-4111 to get started.

The concern

Using drugs and alcohol puts your baby at risk for premature birth and low birth weight. As the children grow older, they continue to be at risk for developmental and learning disabilities.

Mothers who use drugs and alcohol can have other problems that affect their children’s lives, including domestic violence, homelessness, poverty, criminal activity and mental health issues.

The mothers, other concerned people, the courts, or child protection workers may refer pregnant women to Project CHILD (Chemical Health Intervention, Linkage, and Development), if the women are found to be using controlled substances, or using alcohol habitually or excessively.

End the spiral

Hennepin County’s Project CHILD program can help you make a better future for yourself and your child by helping you to get off drugs and alcohol and into a healthier lifestyle.

At Project CHILD, we know that change is difficult and scary. Our services include education, support, one-to-one counseling, referrals for help in your community, assistance with basic needs and parenting education. We will help you get a chemical health assessment. Even if you have no medical insurance you may qualify for treatment services.

If you are dependent on opiates or narcotics such as heroin, morphine, codeine or Oxycodone, we can help you end your dependence and get medication-assisted treatment.

Positive results

In 2017, 98% of the mothers who completed the project had babies that were born chemical-free, and 96 % of them were able to keep their babies. Some were referred to child protection for monitoring (this can be due to prior CP involvement), but even if the child is removed at birth, they may be able to be reunified with their children later.

Get started

Project CHILD services are for women age 16 and older who are less than 34 weeks pregnant. We recommend a chemical health assessment, available at most treatment facilities.

Call 612-348-4111 for more information.

Help for addicted moms: Project CHILD video (YouTube)

Pregnant Native American's Opioid Addiction Services Collaboration

This program is a partnership of front-line care providers in Hennepin County that goes beyond organizational boundaries to provide highly effective care to pregnant Native American women affected by opioid addiction. It received a 2015 Commissioner's Circle of Excellence Award from the Minnesota Department of Human Services. Learn more about the Pregnant Native American's Opioid Addiction Services Collaboration (YouTube).

Information for mandated reporters

Health care and social services professionals, educators, child care workers and others may be required to report when concerns about chemical abuse by a pregnant woman.

We accept referrals by phone at 612-879- 3609, or by fax at 612-321-3771. To make a report involving a pregnant woman younger than 16, or a woman whose pregnancy is beyond 34 weeks, call 612-348-3552.

Rule 25 assessment forms and information

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