Children's mental health services

Hennepin County’s children's mental health service area coordinates an extensive network of assessment, treatment, and supportive services for children and teens with mental health needs. These services include diagnostic assessments, individual and family therapy, in-home counseling and skills training, day treatment, and case management.

Children’s mental health services are aimed at supporting and improving children's emotional well-being and development, their relationships with family and friends, and their ability to get along with others and function effectively at home, in school, and in the community.

Mental health issues experienced by children include problems getting along with peers or adults, controlling anger or aggression, managing worries or other troubling thoughts or feelings, being able to pay attention or focus, feeling sad or worthless, engaging in risky or self-injurious behavior, and coping with significant losses, traumas, or other major life events and changes.

Help is available for all these issues and more.

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24-7 Children's crisis services

To reach our mobile crisis team, call 612-348-2233.

We provide support when a child 17 years old and younger is in crisis. (For a crisis involving someone 18 or older, call 612-596-1223.)

We will go where the child is located to provide a risk assessment, help to de-escalate crisis, develop a plan to keep the child safe at home, and offer resources and referrals.

Telephone consultation and stabilization services are also available.

Call 911 if the child or someone else is in immediate physical danger.

Get started: Arranging an evaluation for your child

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s behavior, mood, thoughts, relationships, or other aspects of social, emotional or intellectual development, you can start getting answers and help with an evaluation or diagnostic assessment.

A diagnostic assessment is a process for gathering information about your child’s personality, behavior, experiences, strengths, difficulties and needs. It is completed by a mental health professional, based on input from you and your child, and leads to a better understanding of what’s going on for your child and of what might be helpful in dealing with any issues that are identified.

If your child is covered by insurance, contact your insurance company to find out whether a diagnostic assessment is covered under your policy, and which mental health professionals are in your coverage network.

If your child is not covered by insurance or if you are having difficulty requesting mental health services for your child, call Front Door Access at 612-348-4111.

In a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

Find help: Free or sliding fee mental health clinics

These clinics provide diagnostic assessments and treatment services and are able to serve uninsured or “underinsured” children and families. They also serve clients with insurance.

Hennepin County Outpatient Mental Health Clinics

  • 612-596-9438
  • South Minneapolis Clinic (adults and children) –1801 Nicollet Avenue South | Map

NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center

CLUES (Spanish speaking)

South Minneapolis

  • 720 East Lake Street
  • Map
  • 612-746-3500

St. Paul

  • 797 East Seventh Street
  • Map
  • 651-379-4200

Learn more at our website

Community University Health Care center

The Family Partnership

South Minneapolis

  • 4123 East Lake Street
  • Map
  • 612-728-2061

North Minneapolis

  • 1501 Xerxes Avenue North
  • Map

North suburban

  • 6900 78th Avenue North, Brooklyn Park
  • Map

South suburban

  • 1550 East 78th Street (Jim Ramstad Community Service Center), Richfield
  • Map

Learn more at our website

Washburn Center for Children

  • 612-871-1454

South Minneapolis

  • 1100 Glenwood Avenue South
  • Map

West suburban

  • 5720 Smetana Drive, Suite 310, Minnetonka
  • Map

North suburban

  • 9100 85th Avenue North, Suite 100, Brooklyn Park
  • Map

Learn more at our website.

Children’s therapeutic services and supports – intensive in-home mental health services

Family Enhancement Center


Fraser Child & Family Center

P.O.R. Emotional Wellness

The Family Partnership

Case management services

Children who have serious and long-lasting mental health needs can receive mental health case management services to help them and their families navigate the mental health system. Mental health case managers help children and their families obtain and coordinate therapeutic and supportive services that address the child’s mental health issues and related social, recreational, health, educational, and vocational needs. Mental health case management services are provided by community agencies as well as county social workers.

To be eligible for mental health case management services, a child needs to have recently completed a diagnostic assessment and to be experiencing a "severe emotional disturbance," as determined by a mental health professional.

For assistance in obtaining mental health case management services, call 612-348-4111.

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