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Acting boldly on climate change

For ourselves and generations to come

Our goal: Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

The Climate Action Plan

The plan includes 5 goals, 29 strategies, and 145 tactics. The strategies focus on cutting greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to our changing climate in ways that reduce vulnerabilities and ensure a more equitable and resilient Hennepin County.

Download the Climate Action Plan
PDF (91 pages - 8MB)

What climate change means for Hennepin County

More and more, Hennepin County residents are noticing the effects of climate change — from warming winter temperatures, more extreme rain and snow events, and changes in our valued ecosystems.

Everyone experiences climate change, but the impacts are not felt equally. Communities of color, low-income families, residents with disabilities, and other vulnerable communities are the most at risk from negative climate impacts.

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How Hennepin County is leading on climate action

Hennepin County’s response to climate change is important. The county leads in many areas that offer the most effective ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions, such as investing in transit, conserving energy use in our buildings, protecting natural resources, and preventing waste.

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What we can do: Taking action at home and in your community

We all have a shared responsibility to do more to combat climate change and protect our local environment.

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Salvaging and reusing building materials to combat climate change

During remodeling and construction projects, building materials have a high potential to be salvaged and reused. This avoids the need for new materials and prevents additional emissions that contribute to climate change. The county offers grants to make deconstruction and designing with used building materials more affordable.

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Addressing the mental health impacts of climate change

Feeling stress or anxiety due to climate change is common. Find resources to cope and learn how to move from worry to action.


Improving biking in Hennepin County

Reducing vehicle miles traveled is critical to meeting our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, and many car trips can be replaced by biking. Learn about our goals for increasing biking.

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