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The capital and operating budget instructions provide parameters from county administration. Departments use the instructions to prepare their operating and capital budget submissions.

2022 Resolution and schedules as approved 12-14-21 (PDF)

2022 Contingency as of 12-14-21 (PDF)

2022 proposed budget

Hennepin County's proposed 2022 budget is $2.4 billion. The maximum property tax levy is $899.4 million, an increase of 3.5% or $30.4 million compared to last year. The maximum property tax levy may be decreased between now and December 14, but may not be increased.

How the money is spent

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Property taxes will fund approximately 36.5% of the proposed budget in 2022. The remaining revenue comes from a variety of sources.

Where the money comes from

where the money comes from pie chart

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Preparation of the annual budget begins with the distribution of the capital budget and the five-year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) instructions to departments.


The Office of Budget and Finance (OBF) distributes the operating budget instructions. These instructions provide parameters and guidelines from county administration to departments in the preparation of their operating and capital budget submissions.


Property owners will receive a notice showing the impact of the county’s maximum levies on their properties, as well as the impact of taxes proposed by other local units of government, such as cities and school districts.

Proposed levies were discussed at the Truth in Taxation public meeting on Tuesday, November 30.

The property tax levies that commissioners ultimately approve in December may be lower than the approved maximums, but cannot exceed the maximum levies adopted at the November 30 meeting.

View the schedule of budget hearings.

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