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Work study release program

The work study release program (also known as "Huber Work Release") allows convicted residents the opportunity to maintain employment or attend school while serving a court-ordered sentence under the supervision of Adult Corrections Facility staff.

Unless arrangements are made with the court to serve on the electronic home monitoring Program, residents who do not meet eligibility criteria will serve their sentences in the Adult Corrections Facility.

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  • Residents must be employed in a verifiable job or attending an accredited educational program within a 50 mile radius of the Adult Corrections Facility, which is located in Plymouth.
  • The resident must participate in work and/or school for a minimum of 28 hours per week, but no more than 60 hours weekly.
  • Residents on work release or home monitoring can work a maximum of 60 hours a week.
  • Residents cannot work more than six days in a row.
  • The employer or school administrator must cooperate with Hennepin County personnel by verifying the resident's status and attendance.
  • Residents must be in good physical and psychological health and capable of performing the work assigned.

Employment and school enrollment verification

  • A resident must be legally employed in a legitimate, verifiable business.
  • A current pay stub issued by the employer is required to prove employment — wages paid in cash or by personal check are generally not acceptable.
  • Employment status and work hours will be verified by calling the manager or supervisor at the business site. Unlisted numbers, home phones and cell phones are unacceptable for verification.
  • School enrollment is verified by contacting the Registrar's Office or by reviewing a student's current transcript.

Self-employment and independent contractor verification

All self-employed and independent contractor residents must provide:

  • Proof of liability insurance
  • A copy of the previous year's state and federal tax filings (1099 forms)
  • Bank account statements and business checks
  • Sales tax number
  • State or federal tax ID number(s)
  • Some contractors are required to provide a license from the state Department of Commerce (i.e., barbers, roofers, home remodelers, medical, etc.).


Residents must have a valid driver's license to drive. Residents are not routinely permitted to walk, bicycle, or car pool with other residents.

Metro Transit bus routes 771 and 776 stop within one mile of the facility.

Contacting residents

Sending mail

Mail for residents on the Work Release program may be sent to the Adult Corrections Facility. Use the following format (It is not necessary to include the resident's cell number):

John Doe
c/o ACF
1145 Shenandoah Lane
Plymouth, MN 55447


Contact the booking office:

  • Men's section: 612-596-0003
  • Women's section: 612-596-0150

The Hennepin County Adult Corrections Facility appreciates your assistance and cooperation while your employee is a participant on the work study release program.

Contacting the Adult Corrections Facility

Employers are encouraged to contact the work release or home monitoring office to ask questions or speak with a correctional officer.

Work release

Home monitoring

  • 612-596-0132
  • Monday through Friday: 8–11 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Work study release participants may be released for work, school, or treatment programming as soon as their schedule is verified. Your employee must remain at the verified/approved work site. He/she may not leave the work site without authorization from Adult Corrections Facility personnel (exception: approved lunch break and client’s own medical emergency).

All participants whose job requires them to travel or change job sites on a daily basis are required to call voice mail for all sites they go to (612-596-0160). Your employee may not travel beyond a 50-mile radius of Plymouth or leave the State of Minnesota.

Please notify Work Release or Home Monitoring if your employee:

  • Does not report for work
  • Is laid off, suspended, terminated, or quits his/her job
  • Shows up late or leaves early for any reason
  • Calls in sick
  • Leaves his/her job site due to any injury or medical need
  • Is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Payroll / check stub

Please provide a payroll check stub or statement of earnings to your employee.


All work study release or home monitoring participants may work a maximum of 60 hours per week (Sunday-Saturday). Overtime requests and schedule changes should be on company letterhead stationery and delivered to work release home monitoring 24 hours in advance of the requested time. Overtime requests and schedule changes may be faxed to 612-321-3802.

If you call work release or home monitoring before the end of the shift, officers may authorize requests for the current day. Your employee will be held accountable for furnishing proper documentation for all schedule changes and overtime.

Lunch break

Your employee is approved for up to one hour lunch break during normal lunch times. Employees are required to have someone on the job site know their whereabouts. Employees may notify work release home monitoring by voice mail if necessary at 612-596-0160.

Job verifications conducted at the work site

Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation personnel will make random unannounced visits to the employee’s job site to help maintain accountability of clients in the community. To help identify them, all Hennepin County employees carry proper identification.

Frequent random visits ensure that participants are in compliance with work study release program rules and conditions of their sentence. Random job verifications are also a great time for employers to provide input. Your cooperation and input is greatly appreciated.

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