Disability parking certificate

Disability parking certificates are issued to people and institutions (not vehicles) that transport people with disabilities. Certificates may be used in any vehicle that is transporting a person with a disability.

Only hang the certificate on the rear view mirror when parked. 

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Application process

Application processes

Mail or drop-off

  1. Complete the disability parking application (PDF). Your medical medical provider must complete and sign too.
  2. Determine the fee
  3. Submit your application and payment:
    • By mail to:
    • Director of Licensing – Titles
      Hennepin County Government Center
      300 South 6th Street Suite A-025
      Minneapolis, MN 55487-0026

    • At one of our drop off locations

In person

Available for those who can not use mail or drop-off.

  1. Gather your documents
  2. Schedule an appointment

The six-year permanent parking certificate is the only renewable certificate:

  • It may be renewed without a new medical statement
  • If you don't have your renewal, complete "Disable Individual Section" (top section) of the disability parking application (PDF) and bring that with you.


  • New or replacement temporary and short-term certificate: $5
  • Organization certificate (valid for 3 years): $5
  • Long-term (13 months to 71 months): no fee
  • Permanent (valid for six years): no fee
  • Payment options

Additional information

  • Disability parking certificate is mailed from the state
  • Parking privileges for physically disabled are covered by Minnesota statute 169.345.
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