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Disability parking certificate

Disability parking certificates are issued to people and institutions (not vehicles) that transport people with disabilities. Certificates may be used in any vehicle that is transporting a person with a disability.

Only hang the certificate on the rear view mirror when parked.

COVID-19 response

Mail or drop off your application when possible. Walk-in services are limited based on staffing and physical spacing guidelines. View requirements for visiting county buildings.

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Mail or drop-off application

Complete the disability parking application (PDF). Your medical medical provider must complete and sign too.

Determine the fee.

Submit your application and payment. You can submit at one of our drop off locations or by mail to:
Director of Licensing – Titles
Hennepin County Government Center
300 S. 6th St., Ste. A-025
Mpls, MN 55487-0026

In person application

Available for those who can not use mail or drop-off.

Gather your documents and review appointment requirements and schedule an appointment.

You can also come in to one of our locations. Walk-in services are limited based on staffing and physical spacing guidelines.


  • New or replacement temporary and short-term certificate: $5
  • Organization certificate (valid for 3 years): $5
  • Long-term (13 months to 71 months): no fee
  • Permanent (valid for six years): no fee
  • Payment options

Additional information

The six-year permanent parking certificate is the only renewable certificate:

  • It may be renewed without a new medical statement.
  • If you don't have your renewal, complete "Disable Individual Section" (top section) of the disability parking application (PDF) and bring that with you.

The disability parking certificate is mailed from the state.

Parking privileges for physically disabled are covered by Minnesota statute 169.345.

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