Emergency Rent Assistance

Apply for help paying rent and utility bills.

Deadline: Friday March 19 at noon

This emergency help is open to Hennepin County households with unpaid rent and very low incomes.

More help will be offered to even more households through a statewide COVID-19 Emergency Rent Assistance program opening later this month.

For help applying in another language call 612-348-6442

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You may be able to get help paying rent and utility bills if you:

  • Rent in Hennepin County
  • Have past-due rent or utility bills
  • Meet income requirements
  • Qualify for unemployment benefits OR have lost money due to COVID-19
  • Can show you might lose your housing

Apply now 

Start your application by filling out the online form below or by calling 612-348-6442.

Deadline: Friday March 19 at noon.

If you need help filling out the form in another language call 612-348-6442.

What to expect next

Once you complete the form, someone will contact you to help finish the application process, decide if you qualify, and make plans to pay your rent and utility bills.

If you qualify, we will pay your landlord or utility company directly.

If you are denied funding

If you do not qualify, a written letter will be sent to you explaining why. That letter will include how to request an appeal within 10 days.

Information for homeowners

This round of funding is only open to renters, but more federal funding for homeowners is expected in spring 2021.

For help applying in another language call 612-348-6442

Arabic: لتقديم طلب المساعدة باللغة العربية، اتصل على رقم الهاتف٦٤٤٢-٣٤٨-٦١٢

Spanish: para obtener ayuda con la solicitud en español llame al 612-348-6442.

Somali: Si aad gargaar u codsatid , afka Somaliga wac 612-348-6442.

Amharic: በአማርኛ ለማመልከት እርዳታ ለማግኘት በስልክ ቁጥር 612-348-6442 ይደውሉ.

Oromo: Afaan Oromoon iyyata galfachuuf gargaarsa argachuuf 612-348-6442 bilbili.

Vietnamese: Cần giúp đăng ký bằng Tiếng Việt gọi số 612-348-6442

Russian: Чтобы получить помощь в подаче заявки на Pусском языке, позвоните по телефону 612-348-6442.

French: Pour obtenir de l'aide pour postuler en français, composez le 612-348-6442.

Khmer: ក្នុងការដាក់ពាក្យសុំជំនួយជាភាសារខ្មែរ សូមទូរស័ព្ទមកលេខ ៦១២-៣៤៨-៦៤៤២.

Hmong: Pab rau txoj kev thov hais ua lus Hmoob hu rau cov hom lus 612 348-6442.

Swahili: Kusaidiwa kujaza fomu za usaidizi kwa lugha ya Kiswahili, piga simu 612-348-6442

Rental property support funding

Applications for emergency funding for owners of affordable rental housing in Hennepin and Dakota counties are now closed. If additional funding becomes available, future application rounds will be announced via our housing and development email list.

If you applied for Hennepin County’s rental property support funding and would like a status update, please contact Niesha Anderson at nanderson@housinglink.org or 612-767-4682 (ext. 121).

Rental property manager W-9 form

In order to provide rent assistance to tenants in your building, Hennepin County needs a completed W-9 form from the property manager.

Once a form is completed, it can be used for all tenants requesting rent assistance in any properties you manage.

Complete a W-9 form now.

Contact EHA@hennepin.us with any questions.

In 2020, Hennepin County distributed a total of $21 million of emergency housing assistance.

We worked with a broad range of service organizations, nonprofits and community partners to distribute this funding to households in need, with special focus on reaching communities most vulnerable to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The Emergency Housing Assistance map is intended to track the impacts of this fundings.

Map graphic image

View the interactive map.

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