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Emergency rent assistance

This application for emergency rent assistance is now closed, but more help is coming.

A larger statewide COVID-19 Emergency Rent Assistance portal will open in the coming weeks. Learn more at

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If you submitted an application, someone will contact you to help finish the application process, decide if you qualify, and make plans to pay your rent and utilities.

You can check the status of your application here.. You will need the User ID from your confirmation email.

If you qualify for rent or utility help, we will pay your landlord or utility company directly and we will send you confirmation your bills have been paid. Save this confirmation for future reference.

If you are denied funding

If you do not qualify, you will get a letter explaining why. That letter will also explain how to request an appeal.

Hennepin County has other rent and financial help programs you may qualify for.

Single adults can apply for Emergency General Assistance (EGA). Families can apply for Emergency Assistance (EA).

To apply

  • Fill out an application at
  • Adults without minor children can call 612-596-1300
  • Families with children can call 612-596-1900

A statewide COVID-19 Emergency Rent Assistance program will open in the coming weeks. Landlords will be able to apply on behalf of their tenants. Learn more here.

Rental property manager W-9 form

To provide rent assistance to tenants in your building, Hennepin County needs a completed W-9 form from the property manager.

Once a form is completed, it can be used for all tenants requesting rent assistance in any properties you manage.

Complete a W-9 form now

In 2020, Hennepin County distributed a total of $21 million of emergency housing assistance.

We worked with a broad range of service organizations, nonprofits and community partners to distribute this funding to households in need, with special focus on reaching communities most vulnerable to the economic impacts of COVID-19.

The Emergency Housing Assistance map is intended to track the impacts of this fundings.

Map graphic image

View the interactive map.

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