Public Health Promotion

Active living, healthy eating and a tobacco-free lifestyle improve quality of life and prevent chronic disease.

We focus on places where people live, learn, work and play to help residents make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Advancing worksite wellness

Health@Work offers free and affordable trainings, events and resources to help employers in Hennepin County promote healthy worksites and lifestyles for their employees.

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For more information about any of the following campaigns, trainings or events, email or call 612-596-1511.

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Networking breakfasts

Join local worksite wellness coordinators at this annual event for a morning of learning and conversation on current topics in worksite health promotion. A light breakfast is served.

Campaigns and trainings

Frosty Challenge
Help your employees maintain and not gain weight over the winter. This eight-week campaign includes newsletters, tracking logs, marketing materials and a coordinator manual. The training is annual.

Grow with Gardens
Learn what you need to start a workplace garden or grow produce at your workplace at this biannual training.

Lean + Green
Inspire your employees to take daily actions that lead to better health for themselves and our planet. This is a six-week nutrition, physical activity and environmental health campaign. The training is biannual.

Mother Friendly Worksites
Learn about lactation support and workplace best practices, including related laws, benefits and resources. This workshop is biannual.

Paths to Positivity
Promote mental well-being in your workplace. This five-week campaign is designed to help your employees live happier, healthier lives through connection, mindfulness or purpose. The training is annual.

Step To It Challenge
Motivate your employees to get more active during this four-week physical activity challenge during the month of May. Compete with other organizations in Hennepin County to earn recognition and awards.
Visit the Step To It Challenge website

Take Charge@Work
Learn ways to enhance your employees’ career well-being and engagement at this biannual training.

Tools for Success
Learn how to design an effective worksite wellness program. Get tools and resources to make it happen at this annual training.

Wellness by Design award

This award recognizes employers with successful health promotion efforts. Worksites who also minimize their impact on the environment may receive a +Green designation.

The next application period will open in early 2019. Any worksite headquartered in Hennepin County may apply. For questions, contact Linda Brandt at or 612-596-1511.

2014-2015 Wellness by Design winners

More than 80 organizations and businesses received the Wellness by Design award.

Read about the winners (DOC)

Watch award winners' videos

Testimony from past winners

"We really appreciated the award, which is displayed at our front desk. The more attention to this topic the better!"

"Wellness by Design has been a great way to get my company leaders excited about wellness."

"We have used this award to educate our management and employees about how we met the criteria of the gold award. It has helped the "legitimacy" of our wellness program..."

See all past winners 2006 - 2015 (PDF)

Hennepin County Worksite Advisory Council

This group of 10-12 wellness coordinators from companies in Hennepin County provides input to ensure that our worksite wellness trainings, programs and resources are valuable and effective. If you would like to learn more or become a member of the council, e-mail Kelly Harjes at


Creating safe, positive environments for learning

Hennepin County's partnerships within the schools and the community are helping create healthy school environments that reduce chronic disease, increase student attendance and achievement, and increase student and staff wellness.

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The importance of public health initiatives in schools (PDF)


Health@School staff are available to provide no-cost consultations on the following topics:

  • Active recess and other physical activity initiatives
  • Healthy cafeteria assessments and other healthy eating initiatives
  • Safe Routes to School
  • School climate initiatives
  • Tobacco-free K-12 schools
  • Tobacco-free post-secondary schools

For information, email Catherine Stahl at or call 612-596-7467.

    Mental health organizations

    We work with organizations to help create healthy environments for people with mental illness and for those who may also have substance use concerns.

    Use these tools to support healthy behaviors in your organization and help staff address risk factors with the people they serve. Feel free to adapt  them to your needs.

    Assessment and evaluation tools

    Organizational action plan

    Sample organizational policies

    Tools to identify and address risk factors in individuals 

    People who work with adults with disabilities

    Wellness for Every Body is an initiative to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities lead healthier lives. We offer guidance and training to the people who work with adults with disabilities to ensure that home and work environments provide opportunities to make healthy choices. These materials can be used by and benefit everyone.

    Assess your organization

    Complete a needs assessment


    Nutrition training

    This series focuses on healthy eating. It is intended for staff who support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Completion of this series satisfies the staff training requirements in MN Statute 245D.  

    Start with the introduction to the nutrition video series and work through all of the videos, handouts, quizzes and cooking demonstrations. After viewing each video, download and complete the quiz. Give all completed quizzes to your manager. When you're done, practice what you’ve learned and print a certificate of completion with the e-learning activity provided.

    Introduction to the Nutrition Video Series

    Nutrition 1

    Session video

    Plan a healthy diet using different food groups


    Nutrition 2

    Session video

    Explore the difference between nutrient-rich and nutrient poor foods


    Nutrition 3

    Session video

    Use the nutrition label to make better food choices


    Nutrition 4

    Session video

    Recognize food sources of fats, sugar and sodium


    Nutrition 5

    Session video

    Get more nutrient-rich foods for less



    Practice what you’ve learned in the nutrition e-Learning module.

    Cooking demonstration videos and recipes

    Learn healthy cooking techniques and methods to prepare quick, tasty recipes demonstrated by Chef Ross with the University of Minnesota Extension.

    Healthy skillet lasagna

    Corn and bean salad

    Stir fry

    Garden salad

    Produce videos

    More recipes

    This completes the MN Statute 245D staff training requirement. Keep going to learn more about special diets and physical activity.

    Special diets


    Cardiovascular disease grocery shopping (heart healthy diet) (YouTube)


    Managing and preparing a diabetes diet (YouTube)


    How to prepare a dysphagia diet (YouTube)

    How to prepare thickened liquids (YouTube)

    Physical activity training

    Developed in partnership with the Courage Center, this series helps staff improve the physical activity environment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Watch the videos in order. After each video, print and take the corresponding quiz. Give all completed quizzes to your manager. When you're done, practice what you’ve learned with the e-learning activity at the end.

    Physical activity 1

    Session video

    Build fitness routines for all ability levels


    Physical activity 2

    Session video

    Add physical activity into everyday life


    Physical activity 3

    Session video

    Find low-cost/free physical activity options every day


    Action plan sample


    Practice what you’ve learned in physical activity e-Learning module.

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