Homestead applies to properties occupied as primary residences by their owners or relatives. The program may qualify the property for a reduced classification rate, reduced taxable market value, property tax refund, and special program eligibility.

Property assessors

If you have questions about commercial or residential assessing, see the assessor lists on our Find your property assessor page.

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Homestead classification qualifies your property for:

  • A classification rate of 1.00% up to $500,000 in taxable market value (this rate is 1.25% for non-homestead residences)
  • A market value exclusion, which may reduce the property's taxable market value
  • Other programs such as the disabled veterans’ market value exclusion, senior citizens' property tax deferral, and property tax refund

The homestead market value exclusion applies to all homesteads (on farms, it applies to the house, garage, and one acre of land immediately surrounding the house).

All homesteads valued at less than $413,800 can have their taxable value reduced by the exclusion. For information related to calculating the exclusion, contact your city's homestead office.


  • You must own the property, or be a relative or in-law of the owner.
    • Residential property: a qualifying relative includes the child, grandchild, sibling, or parent of the owner or owner's spouse, the owner's uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece
    • Agricultural property: a qualifying relative includes the child, grandchild, sibling, or parent of the owner or owner's spouse
  • You or your relative must occupy the property as the primary place of residence.
  • You must be a Minnesota resident. If the occupant is a relative of the owner, the owner does not have to be a Minnesota resident.
  • You can receive one homestead per married couple. Applications must include information for both spouses, even if just one name appears on the deed. One spouse must have a social security number.
  • Disabled Veterans, and people who are blind or permanently disabled may qualify for special homestead programs.

Information you may need

You may need to have the following available when you complete your homestead application:

  • Property address or property identification number (PID)
  • Deed or other ownership documents
  • Electronic certificate of real estate value (eCRV) number
  • Social Security number or individual taxpayer identification number for applicants occupying the home
  • Mailing address of current and prior owners

How and when to apply

Apply online

You can now apply for homestead online.

All married or legally separated couples occupying the property must both electronically sign the application for homestead with their individual Hennepin County Online Service Account email address.

If your spouse does not have their own account, please have them create an account before beginning the application process. Note: You will not be able to submit the application without a verified Hennepin County Online Service Account for both spouses.

Please be prepared to provide specific information about yourself, your property, additional owners and parcels on your deed. Status of the application will be sent to the email address on record for the submitter of the application, including approval or denial of homestead.

After you apply

  • You can log back in to check the status of your application
  • The assessor will review your application and email you if they need more information
  • You will get an email when your application is approved or denied

Other ways to apply

Apply in person

Complete a paper application:

Bring your completed application and a copy of your deed (including the legal description) to your city's homestead office.

Apply by mail

Complete a paper application:

Mail your completed application with a copy of your deed (including the legal description) to your city's homestead office.

When to apply

If you're applying in the current year you will receive the credit the next year.

Event Deadline
Manufactured home applications due March 29
Blind and disabled applications due October 1
Last day to own and occupy to homestead in current year December 1
Residential and agricultural last day to apply December 15

Homestead offices

If you have questions about commercial or residential property assessors, see the lists on our Find your property assessor page.

Homestead contacts

City Contact office Phone
Bloomington Bloomington City Assessor 952-563-8723
Brooklyn Center Brooklyn Center City Assessor 763-569-3310
Brooklyn Park Brooklyn Park City Assessor 763-493-8175
Champlin Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Chanhassen Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Corcoran Corcoran City Assessor 763-473-3978
Crystal Hennepin County Assessor 763-531-1118
Dayton Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Deephaven Deephaven City Assessor 952-474-4755
Eden Prairie Eden Prairie City Assessor 952-949-8511
Edina Edina City Assessor 952-826-0365
Excelsior Excelsior City Assessor 763-473-3978
Golden Valley Golden Valley Assessor 763-593-8020
Greenfield Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Greenwood Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Hanover Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Hopkins Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Independence Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Long Lake Long Lake City Assessor 763-473-3978
Loretto Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Maple Grove Maple Grove City Assessor 763-494-6250
Maple Plain Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Medicine Lake Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Medina Medina City Assessor 763-473-3978
Minneapolis Minneapolis City Assessor 612-673-3000
Minnetonka Minnetonka City Assessor 952-939-8200
Minnetonka Beach Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Minnetrista Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Mound Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
New Hope Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Orono Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Osseo Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Plymouth Plymouth City Assessor 763-509-5350
Richfield Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Robbinsdale Robbinsdale City Assessor 763-531-1217
Rockford Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Rogers Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
St. Anthony Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
St. Bonifacius Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
St. Louis Park St. Louis Park Assessor 952-924-2535
Shorewood Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Spring Park Hennepin County Assessor 612-348-3046
Tonka Bay Tonka Bay City Assessor 763-473-3978
Wayzata Wayzata City Assessor 763-473-3978
Woodland Woodland City Assessor 952-474-4755

Programs for disabled veterans, blind and disabled persons

Special homestead programs are available for disabled veterans and for people who are blind or permanently disabled.

Disabled Veteran

To qualify for the Veteran market value exclusion on homestead property of Disabled Veterans, a Veteran must have been honorably discharged from the United States armed forces, and certified by the US Department of Veterans Affairs as having a service-connected disability of at least 70 percent.


People who are certified legally blind may qualify for a reduced class rate of homestead that follows them from one property to another.

Permanently disabled

People who are permanently disabled, and currently receive public assistance, may qualify for a reduced class rate of homestead that follows them from one property to another.

How to apply

Complete the online application.

And complete the special homestead application (PDF).

Submit your completed form to your city's homestead office.

After you apply for homestead, the assessor’s office will contact you regarding the program requirements.

Remove your homestead status

Notify the county assessor within 30 days if you sell, move, or for any reason no longer qualify for homestead. Failure to do so results in recalculation of tax as non-homestead, and could include a penalty equal to 100 percent of the homestead benefits.

Complete the notice of move form (PDF).

Submit your completed form in person or by mail to your city's homestead office.

Or you can submit the completed form in person or by mail:
Hennepin County Assessor
A-2103 Government Center
300 South 6th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487

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