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Hennepin Planning Grants

To support Hennepin County cities’ planning efforts

Hennepin Planning Grants help cities plan for a vibrant future, shape land-use patterns, and guide private investment to best achieve community goals. Hennepin County seeks land use and development planning projects that address county priorities, including:

  • Compact, efficient land use that promotes walking, biking, and transit use
  • Economic growth, increased prosperity and economic inclusion
  • Climate change mitigation and climate resilience
  • Reducing disparities in housing, transportation and access to destinations

Who can apply

Cities, housing authorities, economic development authorities, port authorities, park districts, and watershed districts in Hennepin County.

Types of projects

  • Small area, master, or station area plans
  • Area redevelopment and market feasibility studies
  • Public realm concept plans
  • Bicycle and pedestrian network plans
  • Other analysis or plans
  • District energy or storm water management plans

Apply now

A request for applications is now available in the Hennepin County Supplier Portal. Applications are due by 3 p.m. October 5, 2023.

General program and application questions can be submitted via email to Ryan Kelley by 3 p.m. September 26.


A combined total of $200,000 is typically available between the Business District Initiative and Hennepin Planning Grants.


Since 2008, Hennepin Planning Grants have funded 42 projects with more than $1.34 million invested in 20 cities.

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