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Growing into the future

We're preparing for the future in our 2040 comprehensive plan

Hennepin County’s population is expected to grow by 22%, adding another 250,000 residents by 2040. Jobs are expected to grow by 28% over the same period. We’re ready to meet the opportunities of the future by working with partners to:

  • Build a modern transportation system to carry us into the future.
  • Support talent, creativity and the hardworking people that make this a home for innovation, commerce, and industry.
  • Invest in livability to create the types of places people want to be and can afford.

The Metropolitan Council, acting as the designated regional planning agency under the Metropolitan Land Planning Act, every 10 years develops a regional development framework and associated system and policy plans. As a local unit of government, Hennepin County is required to develop a comprehensive plan that, at a minimum, responds to the system statement provided by the Metropolitan Council. Hennepin County received a system statement from the Metropolitan Council in September of 2015.

Regional development guide

Thrive MSP 2040 was adopted as the regional development guide on May 28, 2014. Thrive identifies five outcomes (stewardship, prosperity, equity, livability, and sustainability) that set the policy direction for the region’s system and policy plans.

System and policy plans

The statutory-required system plans for this region include the 2040 Transportation Policy Plan, 2040 Regional Parks Policy Plan, and 2040 Water Resources Policy Plan. The policy plans (the Housing Policy Plan and Master Water Supply Plan) establish a shared vision for regionally important issues, but are not considered regional systems.

Local comprehensive plans

Local governmental units in the seven-county region are required to develop a comprehensive plan, fiscal devices, and official controls that conform to Thrive 2040 and the related system plans.

Learn more about how we’re preparing for the future in our 2040 comprehensive plan.