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Waste less, live better.

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When you buy new, the price tag doesn't reflect all the resources needed to produce, package, transport and eventually dispose of your purchases. So buy used, then sell or donate later for reuse. Not only will you save money, you'll help save the planet.

Our future isn't disposable.
So buy used.
You'll reduce
waste, and
save money.
See how.

Our Mission

To help protect the environment by encouraging residents to reduce waste by buying used items instead of new, and by keeping usable things out of the trash through donations, rental, repair and repurposing.

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Repair Lair

Repair Lair specializes in fixing and consigning outdoor clothing and camping equipment – be sure to check them out at their new location (4153 Minnehaha Ave). From sewing patches onto your favorite jeans to replacing a broken tent zipper, they can fix almost anything. Repair Lair wants to save you money. They can fix the gear you currently have and they can sell you stuff that is gently used and deeply discounted. The money you save can be spent on gas to get you to the trail head.

Find a retailer

Not sure where to buy used goods? High-quality resale retailers can be found throughout Hennepin County. Just tell us your objective, and we'll help connect you to a retailer or other provider near you.

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