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Consulting services program

Hennepin County maintains a roster of qualified and available firms to provide consulting services. The roster is generally used to award consulting contracts for projects estimated to cost less than $500,000. The county gives first consideration to emerging and small business enterprises that are CERT certified.

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When a project or program need arises, a Hennepin County project manager will request proposals from firms on the roster who have indicated they are qualified to perform the type of work needed.

Program details

  • Projects selected for this program are not advertised and are only available to firms on the roster.
  • The consulting program roster is categorized by types of work. Review the “What are the current work types?” section for specific definitions of each work type.
  • Each firm is required to sign an agreement with the legal terms for working with Hennepin County before being added to the roster.
  • When a firm submits a proposal for a specific job the firm will be required to verify it is qualified to perform the type of work needed.
  • Getting on the roster is not a guarantee of work.

Small business preference

The county gives first consideration to emerging and small businesses certified by CERT. Eligibility for the emerging small business enterprise (ESBE) program is the same as small business enterprise (SBE) qualifications, except the size standard for ESBE eligibility is greatly reduced.

CERT is a small business certification program administered by the county, and several other local governments in the metro region. It certifies small, minority and women-owned businesses. To apply to become CERT certified, visit the CERT website.

Firms need to complete the application process to be added to the roster. Applications for participation in the consulting services program are accepted continuously.

Instructions for applying to get on the roster

Step 1

Complete all fields on the consulting services program application form.

  • If your small business enterprise is CERT certified indicate it on the application form.
  • Firms can select multiple work types on the application form. To ensure your firm is qualified to provide consulting services for the work type selected read the detailed descriptions in the "What are the current work types?" section.

Submit your application. You will receive an email from Hennepin County acknowledging your application was received.

Step 2

A principal agreement (PDF) will be emailed to the person in your organization with signing authority as indicated on your application form.


  • The email will be from Hennepin County Purchasing with the subject line: Signature requested on <Contract ID - description>.
  • The email is sent from the address ''
  • Additional information on electronically signing a contract can be found in the guide about signing a Hennepin County contract (PDF).

The principal agreement establishes the terms, conditions, and technical provisions related to the consulting services program. It is valid for five years from execution.

Step 3

Once all of the required signatures are obtained, a copy of the principal agreement will be sent to you via email. At this point you will be eligible to be solicited for consulting opportunities.

You may update your firm’s contact information and eligible work types at any time by submitting an updated application form to

Other consultant opportunities

We will continue to post other contract opportunities on the Supplier Portal. Learn more about the Supplier Portal.

Use the list below to identify the types of work your firm is qualified to provide. Read each definition carefully to ensure you meet minimum qualifications for each work type you select on your application. For help completing the application email

Architecture, facility engineering and specialties

Asbestos and solid waste

Community development

Community engagement

Cultural resources



Landscape architecture

Materials testing

Right-of-way assistance

Survey and mapping


Bridge and structure

Construction inspection/contract administration

Hydraulic and hydrology

Pedestrian and bicycle




The list below reflects anticipated projects, based on Hennepin County approved budgets. Consultants can use this list to plan ahead and reach out to the project manager to learn if the project is a good fit for them.

Anticipated projects and timing are subject to change depending upon resources and the needs of Hennepin County. In no way should the list be considered exhaustive, final, or taken as a guarantee of work.

View planned consulting opportunities list.

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