Hazardous waste licensing step 2 - vehicle repair

Vehicle, tool and equipment maintenance and repair

Hennepin County is piloting an electronic hazardous waste licensing process that will help us reduce paper use and save you time. This step 2 form is only available to businesses that provide services relating to vehicle, equipment and tool maintenance and repair.

Before you continue with step 2, verify that:

1. You have completed step 1 (general and contact information).

2. Your company performs at least one of the following services:

  • Auto body
  • Equipment and tool maintenance (vehicle and non-vehicle)
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair

Complete step 2

1. Review the automotive industry hazardous waste training (PDF).

2. After reviewing the training, complete the form below.

Return to the hazardous waste licensing and renewal page.

Hazardous waste licensing step 2 - vehicles, tool and equipment maintenance and repair

Information about you

Format as xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Information about the company

Include suite number, if applicable.

Write "unknown" if you're not sure, write "not applicable" if you haven't been working with any staff.

Training presentation questionnaire

Waste inventory - used oil and related wastes


If you answered no (button 3 or 4), select N/A for Questions 1a and 1b.


Waste inventory - parts washer


If you answered No to Question 5, select N/A for Questions 5a-5e.



If you answered No to Question 6, select N/A for Questions 6a-6c.


Waste inventory - all other wastes


If you answered No to Question 7, select N/A for Questions 7a-7c.


Type N/A if you have no other waste to report.


I am aware of hazardous waste resources

In addition to the automotive training presentation, I am aware that I can access resources regarding the proper management and disposal of wastes at the following webpages:

You may also call 612-348-3777 and asking for the environmentalist-on-call.

Certification of true, accurate and complete information

I certify under penalty of law that I have personally examined and am familiar with the information submitted in this and all attached documents, and that based on my inquiry of those individuals immediately responsible for obtaining the information, I believe that the information is true, accurate, and complete. I am aware that there are significant penalties for submitting false information, including the possibility of fine and imprisonment.