Generator license closure form

Complete the form if your business is closing its operations.

Once you complete this form, hazardous waste staff will review your form and contact you with follow-up questions or provide additional next steps, if necessary. Please provide thorough information as this allows for faster processing and can significantly minimize or eliminate follow-up.

If you are unable to obtain an answer to a required field or have having issues submitting this form, please call 612-348-3777 and ask for the environmentalist-on-call.

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Report a closure

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Licensed operation information

In order for us to initiate the appropriate licensing changes in our database, we need to match the information in this form with the licensed operation in our database. Please provide information about the operation that is impacted by the changes reported in this form.

To find the 16-digit operation ID, refer to the generator license posted at the licensed site or the management plan summary licensing paperwork.

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You may be asked to verify this information, so we recommend that you keep photographic evidence demonstrating the proper removal and cleanup of containers and spills.

You may be asked to verify this information, so we recommend that you keep disposal and recycling records as evidence of proper removal and disposal of wastes.

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Additional information