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Requests for Human Services and Public Health data to conduct research

Researchers must get approval to use, obtain, or access Human Services and Public Health Department data before conducting these types of research studies:

  • Research that involves sending non-public data outside of Hennepin County
  • Requests from people external to Hennepin County
  • Research not related to Hennepin County day-to-day operations

The Institutional Research and Review Committee (IRRC) reviews research proposals, with a goal of protecting the rights and welfare of clients.

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Apply by 15th of the month before you would like your application reviewed.

  1. Get approval from your institutional review board.
  2. Find a co-sponsor for your research request. A co-sponsor must be a Health and Human Services leader (program manager-level employee or above). They must be willing to help coordinate the study and discuss the study with the IRRC.
  3. Type out answers to the application questions on numbered pages. Include a copy of an approval letter from your institutional review board.
  4. Email your application to

View full application instructions (PDF).

  1. Title and purpose of study.
  2. When do you plan to start your study? What is the estimated total number of months you will be conducting research in Human Services and Public Health (HSPH)?
  3. How will this study benefit HSPH?
  4. Research Design Summary. What do you plan to do? You must include detailed information about your research questions, instruments, including sampling and data collection methodologies. Finally, describe any task(s) people served or HSPH personnel will be asked to complete.
  5. Describe procedures you will use to secure and acknowledge informed consent of all participants, including active or passive consent. If passive, please provide a rationale. Please attach copies of any letters. Outline how subjects will be identified, and criteria used for recruitment, who will make the initial contact with subjects, and whether inducements will be used to secure participation. Please be aware that HSPH programs and services are comprised of many diverse cultures, languages, and accessibility. We recommend you have ability to translate all documents, research instruments, consent forms, and provide interpreter services if needed.
  6. List any known risks of the proposed investigation to people served, HSPH personnel, or Hennepin County.
  7. Are there any other requests you are making of the HSPH and/or the IRRC (examples: database extractions, training, review, evaluation, sample populations)?
  8. List all funding sources and budget for your study.
  9. Please submit a dated copy of both your IRB application and approval letter from your institution/organization. A copy of your IRB application is necessary if IRB review is in process. The IRRC will not allow study to begin until we have an approval letter on file.
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