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Hennepin Pathways

Connecting our region’s employers to a diverse pool of well-trained candidates to meet their workforce needs

Pathways is succeeding

  • Pathways graduates are meeting and exceeding employers’ needs
  • Since 2014 almost 90% of Pathways graduates have been hired into jobs they otherwise likely would not have landed
  • Pathways trains residents of marginalized communities for high-demand fields with good wages, benefits and a future, in both public and private sector jobs
  • 12 months after hire, 88% of Pathways graduates are still with the same employer
"Pathways has done everything for me. I can provide for my family now and take time off to spend with my kids."— Pathways graduate

Larger economic context

  • Pathways trains job seekers for fields that are in demand and will continue to grow, like health care clerical, human services, and building operations
  • Participants are typically people with talent, work history and experience that may not be reflected in educational credentials who aren’t finding success landing good-paying jobs due to traditional hiring processes, or they experience barriers that make it harder for them to compete for better jobs.

The Hennepin Pathways model

The Hennepin Pathways approach can be tailored for employer and regional needs.

View the Pathways creation roadmap (PDF)


Define organizational needs and identify future hiring pressures across industries.

Evaluate and change current hiring practices to remove barriers to employment.


Develop career pathways using employer-tailored training programs with paid internships.

Offer employment opportunities for participants to full-time work.


Employers can get more information about Pathways and the Workforce Leadership Council by emailing us.

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