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Hennepin Pathways

Building a diverse, highly skilled workforce

Employers may develop diverse pools of high potential applicants through the Hennepin County Pathways Program. It is a unique collaboration between regional employers, educators, and community partners.

Program graduates have multiple paths to choose from and are employed countywide in office administration, human services, and building operations. These pathways are meeting county hiring needs while also connecting job seekers with meaningful work, livable wages, benefits, and career growth.

Results of the Pathways Program from 2014 to 2023

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403 Hired

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165 Promoted

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91% Retained for 1 year

Pathways hires come from diverse backgrounds

Hires come from a wide range of ages and backgrounds, including recent immigrants, multilingual, LGBTQIA, and veterans. 

Racial demographics of Pathways hires

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  • 39% Black or African American
  • 26% White
  • 18% Asian
  • 8% did not specify
  • 8% Hispanic/Latino
  • 0.75% American Indian/Alaska Native
  • 0.25% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander

Learn how to create a program

timeline iconThe Hennepin experience

In 2013, county leaders projected a looming workforce shortage due to a wave of county employees reaching retirement age. Funding, policy, and programs intertwined to create Hennepin County’s Pathways program.

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Get started

Pathways becomes a creative solution for employers when there is a gap between current workforce trends and future hiring goals. Employer partners can take steps to create a Pathways program.

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Employment reduces disparities

Hennepin County is committed to reduce disparities among the residents we serve. Hiring skilled employees through the Pathways program is an integral part of how the county is reducing disparities in our community.