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Employers: get started

Pathways becomes a creative solution for employers when there is a gap between current workforce trends and future hiring goals. Learn more about getting started:

Job seekers: get started

Visit the Hennepin County careers webpage.
pathways road map

Steps for employer partners

  1. Conduct internal workforce analysis
  2. Build cross agency partnerships
  3. Plan resource allocation
  4. Design training program
  5. Market program
  6. Create targeted hiring strategy
  7. Begin training period
  8. Measure performance

View the process map
PDF (2 pages, 1MB)

Program requirements

Hennepin County is committed to ensuring that race ceases to predict outcomes for the individuals and families in our community, and each step of a Pathways program must strive to meet this commitment.

Employer responsibilities
Community partner responsibilities
Program types
Employer participation