Mission, vision and goals

By putting the customer first, Hennepin County employees work every day to achieve our mission, vision and goals. We strive to improve our services through proactive, innovative public stewardship.


The mission of Hennepin County is to enhance the health, safety and quality of life of our residents and communities in a respectful, efficient and fiscally responsible way.


We envision a future where residents are healthy and successful and where our communities are safe and vibrant. We will strive to meet and exceed expectations by engaging people and communities in developing innovative solutions to challenges. We will be a diverse, learning organization. We will partner with others to enhance the quality of life in Hennepin County and the region.

Overarching goals

People are:


People are healthy, have access to quality health care and live in a clean environment.

Protected and safe

People are safe from harm through prevention, early intervention and treatment services, and through enhanced public safety.


People achieve success with the support of essential services, have access to affordable housing and opportunities for life-long learning.

Assured due process

People are assured equal protection of the laws through an adversarial and respectful system designed to assure fairness and reliability in the ascertainment of liability, guilt and innocence.


People and goods move easily and safely throughout the county and the region, via an integrated system of transportation.