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Ordinance 14

Special Deputies to Issue Citations in Lieu of Arrest

An ordinance authorizing Hennepin County Sheriff's Department Special Deputies to enforce all applicable state and local statutory and regulatory provisions governing water, boat, vehicle and traffic safety through the issuance of citations or other means permitted by state law.

Section I

The County Board of Hennepin County ordains that Special Deputies duly appointed and sworn by the Hennepin County Sheriff are hereby granted the authority to enforce, through the issuance of citations and such other means as permitted by state law, the provisions of any state or local statutory or regulatory provision governing water, boat, vehicle or traffic safety.

Section II

This Ordinance shall be effective the day after adoption by the County Board.

Enacted by the Board of County Commissioners of Hennepin County this 26th day of April, 1988. Effective 4/27/88.

This ordinance was current when published on this web site. To be certain that it has not been amended, contact the Hennepin County Sheriff's Department, at the email address shown on the right.