Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC) is a regular forum where city and county policymakers meet to discuss issues and initiatives that require cooperation across jurisdictional lines and among many parts of the criminal justice system. It was established in 1986.

Meeting time and place

  • A-2324 Hennepin County Government Center
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  • Jeff Johnson, Hennepin County Commissioner

Hennepin County

  • Chester Cooper, Community Corrections Director
  • Michael Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney
  • Marion Greene, Hennepin County Commissioner
  • Mary Moriarty, Chief Public Defender
  • Rich Stanek, Hennepin County Sheriff
  • Mark Thompson, Assistant County Administrator

City of Minneapolis

  • Medaria Arradondo, Police Chief
  • Betsy Hodges, Mayor
  • Barbara Johnson, Council Member
  • Susan Segal, City Attorney
  • Blong Yang, Council Member

Fourth Judicial District

  • Ivy Bernhardson, Chief Judge
  • Toddrick Barnette, Presiding Criminal Court Judge
  • Sara Lindahl-Pfieffer, District Court Administrator
  • David Piper, Presiding Juvenile Court Judge

Hennepin County Suburbs

  • Rolf Sponheim, Suburban Prosecutors Association
  • Michael Risvold, Hennepin Police Chiefs Association
  • Gene Winstead, Mayor, Bloomington


  • Jill Hermanutz, CJCC Director

Adult Detention Initiative

The CJCC serves as the governance oversight committee of the Adult Detention Initiative (ADI), a collaborative of Hennepin County criminal justice partners focused on ensuring a fair, equitable and effective justice system. The initiative seeks to provide alternatives for low-risk individuals who do not need to be detained in the Hennepin County Adult Detention Center.

The collaboration includes:

  • Fourth Judicial District Court
  • Hennepin County Attorney
  • Hennepin County Sheriff
  • Minneapolis Police Dept.
  • Minneapolis City Attorney
  • Hennepin County Public Defender
  • Community Corrections
  • Health and Human Services
  • Suburban Prosecutors

Additional information

Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative

The CJCC serves as the governance oversight committee of the Criminal Justice Behavioral Health Initiative (CJ-BHI). The goal of the CJ-BHI is to improve coordination of behavioral health services across county systems to ensure that public safety, human services and health are working together to leverage available resources, produce better outcomes, and reduce costly and ineffective cycling of residents involved in the criminal justice process.

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