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West Broadway Avenue Bridges reconstruction

County Road 81 in North Minneapolis and Robbinsdale

Hennepin County, in coordination with Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, and cities of Minneapolis and Robbinsdale, is reconstructing the West Broadway Avenue Bridges (County Road 81) in North Minneapolis and Robbinsdale.

We will replace three bridges and improve the intersection below the bridges that connects Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parkways, as well as Oakdale and Lowry avenues (County Road 153).

Construction began in April 2021.

Project timeline showing planning and design phases are completed. Construction will begin in 2021, and project completion is expected in 2023.
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Heavy construction and long-term closures through fall

With the amount of work needed to get done and to keep our crews and the traveling public safe, we will close the on-ramp bridge and the north half of the intersection long-term. In addition, the northbound bridge will remain closed as crews need to complete the remaining work on the bridge and connecting roadways.

Similar to the construction traffic this past year, we will continue to maintain access for people using West Broadway Avenue.

We will also keep access open along the southern half of the intersection, with one lane in each direction, connecting Oakdale Avenue, Lowry Avenue and Theodore Parkway. We will also maintain a signed path for Grand Rounds Trail users along the project area.

Intersection and Lowry Avenue on-ramp bridge detour until fall

The detour routes during the Lowry Avenue on-ramp bridge  and Victory Memorial Parkway intersection access closures will use Penn Avenue (County Road 2).

Detour routes during the on-ramp and Victory Memorial Parkway access closure. For a larger view of the detour routes, click the following link.

Detour map (JPEG)

Signed detours will help guide people around the closure. The detour routes are listed below.

Victory Memorial Parkway to the intersection

  • Victory Memorial Parkway
  • Penn Avenue (County Road 2)
  • Lowry Avenue

Lowry Avenue on-ramp bridge to northbound West Broadway Avenue

  • Penn Avenue
  • West Broadway Avenue

Staying safe

Using the signed detour during these closures will keep you from experiencing additional delays and getting frustrated. And, it will help local streets stay safe for the individuals and families who live and play in the area.

Anticipate early work hours and noise week of June 27

During the week of June 27, there will be times when crews will be working as early as 5 a.m. to pour concrete on the new bridge foundations. Because the pouring and curing the concrete is temperature sensitive, it requires us to start at this time. You can expect increased noise during the concrete pour. We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding.

Below are the dates:

  • Tuesday, June 28
  • Thursday, June 30

Crews reconstructing the Lowry Avenue on-ramp bridge and northern half of the intersection

Project crews for the West Broadway Avenue Bridges (County Road 81) reconstruction have been busy during the past few months setting the new northbound bridge beams and constructing the new bridge deck.

Because we need to pour concrete on the new bridge deck, allow time for the concrete to “cure” or harden to a desired strength, and complete other critical work needs, it will be some time before the bridge opens to traffic. In the meantime, we will be shifting to the next construction phase.

Construction, which began Monday, April 18, and continuing until fall, crews will be focused on:

  • Replacing the Lowry Avenue (County Road 153) on-ramp bridge
  • Reconstructing the northern half of the intersection connecting the Victory Memorial and Theodore Wirth parkways and Oakdale and Lowry avenues
  • Building the remaining sections of the northbound bridge

Reconstruction area

There are three bridges that will be included in the West Broadway Avenue (County Road 81) Bridge reconstruction project: one for northbound traffic, one for southbound traffic and one connecting from Lowry Avenue (County Road 153) to West Broadway Avenue.

This project also offers the opportunity to make some improvements to the intersection below connecting Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parkways, as well as Oakdale and Lowry avenues.


The improvements are the result of both an engagement effort and a design effort.

The new bridges and intersection will include:

  • Infrastructure improvements, including new concrete bridges, paved roadway, curbs and gutters and underground utility lines
  • Bike and pedestrian improvements, including pedestrian ramps that meet Americans with Disability Act standards, added trails, sidewalks and on-street bikeways, and an expanded trail connection between Lowry and West Broadway avenues
  • Safety improvements, including shorter crosswalk distances at the intersection, added lighting underneath the bridge and realigned lanes at ramp connections to improve sight distance and allow for safer merging

When complete, the new bridges and intersection will provide a better experience and enhance the safety of people driving in the area, as well as improve safety and connectivity for people using the trail system.

Previous engagement and outreach

2021 construction open house

On Wednesday, March 24, Hennepin County hosted a virtual construction open house. At the open house, project staff shared proposed improvements, timing and staging of the work. It also included brief overviews of county road projects scheduled to happen nearby.

Download a copy of the West Broadway Avenue Bridges virtual open house presentation (PDF).

Outreach and engagement in 2019

In 2019, project staff participated in 20 community events and meetings in Robbinsdale and North Minneapolis, held one-on-one visits with local businesses and conducted community surveys. With your involvement, we developed the following goals for the project:

  • Improve safety for people traveling through the intersection connecting Theodore Wirth and Victory Memorial parkways, and Oakdale and Lowry (County Road 153) avenues
  • Improve safety for people using the off- and on-ramps on West Broadway Avenue/Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81)
  • Improve trail connections to nearby roads and regional trails

Community-focused improvements

Using feedback received from the community through community surveys and at events, project staff created designs with community-focused improvements for the new bridges and intersection to meet project goals. They include:

  • Shortening trail crossings providing safer intersection crosswalks for people walking, biking and rolling
  • Redesigning ramp connections allowing for improved sight distance and safer merging
  • Improving trail connections to provide additional access for people walking, biking and rolling to regional trails nearby
View of the intersection from Oakdale Avenue

Rendering of the proposed redesign of the intersection. View from Oakdale Avenue (PDF)

View of the intersection from Theodore Wirth Parkway

Rendering of the proposed redesign of the intersection. View from Theodore Wirth Parkway (PDF)

Hennepin County

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board

City of Minneapolis

City of Robbinsdale

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