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West Broadway Avenue area road reconstruction

County roads 130, 103 and 30 in Brooklyn Park

West Broadway Avenue (County Road 103/130) in Brooklyn Park will be reconstructed between 71st and 101st avenues. And, 93rd Avenue (County Road 30) will be reconstructed between Xylon Avenue and Louisiana Avenue.

These reconstruction activities are a joint project among Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council and the City of Brooklyn Park. Metro Transit will be using this area for its planned METRO Blue Line extension (Bottineau Light Rail Transit).

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Purpose of improvements

The purpose of improving West Broadway Avenue and surrounding areas is to enhance safety and mobility for all users under both the existing and future conditions.

The project is primarily needed to address poor pavement conditions, enhance safety, improve traffic operations, accommodate transit service and address the lack of bicycle and pedestrian accommodations along the corridor.

The existing road is a mix of rural and urban street sections (some portions have curb and gutter while others have ditches). Shingle Creek crosses the road just north of Candlewood Drive. West Broadway between 71st and 85th avenues is currently a four-lane road. Crews completed the last major grading of the road in the mid 1950s and early 1960s. Several resurfacing projects have occurred since then, but the road needs to be reconstructed.

West Broadway between 85th and 93rd avenues is primarily a two-lane undivided road with drainage ditches. The pavement is in fair condition, with pavement width varying considerably due to widening for turn lanes, shoulders and bypass lanes.

Proposed improvements

The project, currently in the design phase, includes reconstructing West Broadway to a three-lane road (one lane of traffic in each direction with a center turn lane) between 71st and 74th avenues and a four-lane divided road with center median between 74th and 101st avenues.

Generally, the roadway will include light rail transit running within the center median. Between Highway 610 and the proposed operations and maintenance facility near the future Oak Grove Parkway, light rail will be located to the west of the roadway.

The project includes constructing a paved multi-use trail along both sides of the roadway, an urban storm drainage system to collect and treat stormwater runoff and upgraded traffic signals.

Electrical transmission lines will need to be shifted along the west side of West Broadway between 89th and 93rd avenues. Other public and private utility improvements, which could include burying overhead electrical distribution lines, are also being considered.

A combination of federal, county and city funds will be used to finance the projects.

Project layouts

METRO Blue Line resources

Given the coordination with Metro Transit's Blue Line extension project, the following links provide additional information and context for the projects in this area.

Project timeline


2016 – 2019

  • February 2016: Preliminary layout approval
  • 2016 – 2019: Detail design construction plans
  • 2018 – 2019: Appraisals, offers and negotiations for land acquisition

Date yet to be determined

  • Construction


City Council layout approval

November 27, 2017

The West Broadway Avenue (County Road 130) preliminary layout will be going before the Brooklyn Park City Council for approval. These improvements are proposed along West Broadway Avenue between 71st and 74th avenues. These improvements will extend the West Broadway Avenue reconstruction as part of Metropolitan Council's Blue Line extension light rail transit (BLRT) project another three blocks further south to match into recently completed Bottineau Boulevard (County Road 81) construction at the 71st Avenue and West Broadway Avenue intersection. The preliminary layout represents a design nearly 20 percent complete. County and city staff will continue to develop the design in greater detail and the final design plans will be integrated into the BLRT construction plans.

Brooklyn Park open house

November 2, 2017

Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council and the City of Brooklyn Park held an open house for the reconstruction of West Broadway Avenue (County Road 130) between 71st and 74th avenues.

This open house focused on this new segment that had not been previously addressed in early open houses for West Broadway Avenue. A concept layout consisting of a three-lane road section with multi-use trails on each side was displayed along with a corresponding typical road section for this segment. BLRT design staff were also available to answer questions.

View the November 2017 open house concept (PDF).


Privacy fence/screen neighborhood meeting

October 17, 2016

The City of Brooklyn Park hosted a meeting for residential property owners adjacent to the West Broadway Avenue corridor to discuss potential privacy fencing/screening options.

Read the October 2016 neighborhood meeting letter (PDF)

City council layout approval

February 22, 2016

The Brooklyn Park City Council approved the West Broadway Avenue (County Road 103) and 93rd Avenue (County Road 30) preliminary layout. The layout represented a design near 20 percent complete. County and city staff continue to develop the design in greater detail, including ways to minimize impacts to nearby property owners.

The city council also approved the municipal consent plans for Metropolitan Council's Blue Line extension light rail transit (BLRT) project throughout the city including the West Broadway Avenue corridor.


Maplebrook intersection neighborhood meeting

September 23, 2015

The future design of the West Broadway and Maplebrook Parkway/Maplebrook Terrace intersection was discussed at this neighborhood meeting. Based on feedback from the public and analysis of the intersection, Hennepin County included a traffic signal as part of the reconstruction project at this location.

Browse the September 2015 neighborhood meeting materials (PDF 8MB).

Environmental review and Blue Line Extension public meeting

August 11, 2015

Brooklyn Park community members and business owners were invited to a joint open house to learn about the environmental review for the County Road 103 reconstruction project and get a project update on the Blue Line Extension light rail transit.

View informational posters from the August 11 public meeting (PDF 8MB).

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