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Hennepin County is responsible for most maintenance issues on county roads. This includes pothole repair, fixing traffic signals and picking up debris.

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Identifying a county road

Here is an example of a county road shield you may see on an overhead sign or on a post next to the road:

County Road 152

County roads can be found across the entire county. They are primarily roads for commuters and commerce. It can sometimes be a challenge to identify a county road. Some county roads are referred to by their number designation; others are more commonly referred to by local names. In some cases, only a segment of a specific road may be a county road. To help, try using this map.

Report a roadway problem

  • Use for potholes, debris/branches on the road, snow and ice issues and drainage issues

Report a traffic signal problem

  • Use for traffic signal issues (outside of Minneapolis) with an overhead light, traffic signal or pedestrian signal

Other roads

Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is the contact for questions about interstate or state highways. Roads not owned or maintained by MnDOT or the county are likely municipal streets. Contact the local municipality (see below) for additional help. 

Report a road problem

Use the MnDOT reporting form for potholes or roadside issues on interstates or state highways. The form provides links to city and county pothole reporting forms.

Report a traffic signal problem

The signals for many roads that intersect with state highways are managed by MnDOT. For traffic signals on roads managed or maintained by MnDOT, call (651) 366-5750.

For traffic signals in the City of Minneapolis (including county roads), call 311 or email

For questions or to report maintenance issues on a city street, please contact the local city’s public works department for assistance.

Contact information including each city’s website, phone, email and/or online reporting form are available below.

City public works departments

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