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Marshall Street Northeast corridor study

County Road 23 in Minneapolis

Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis studied options for making Marshall Street Northeast (County Road 23) between 10th Avenue NE and St. Anthony Parkway safer and more comfortable for people walking, biking, taking transit and driving. This transportation feasibility study was completed in 2018.

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More about the corridor

Marshall Street Northeast is a key north/south roadway in northeast Minneapolis. The corridor is characterized by a mix of land uses including commercial, residential and light industrial. Though parking along the corridor serves people driving to local destinations, the roadway currently lacks public transportation routes and bicycle facilities.

The 2022 mill and overlay project will repave Marshall St NE between Lowry Avenue NE and 37th Avenue NE.

Previous studies

Over the last 20 years, there have been several studies and efforts to plan for improvements to the corridor by enhancing pedestrian and bicycle facilities and adding more extensive street landscaping. The most recent study was completed in 2018.

The goals of the 2018 study included:

  • Developing planning level concepts for corridor layout
  • Balancing all modes of transportation throughout the corridor
  • Improving connections and access to the river and green spaces
  • Planning for accessible, continuous and separated bikeways and sidewalks
  • Strengthening connections to Marshall Street's businesses and destinations
  • Working with all stakeholders to develop sustainable parking solutions, create safe places for all users, and improve transit connections

Previous planning efforts included:

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