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East 46th Street transportation study

Hiawatha Avenue to Ford Parkway Bridge in South Minneapolis

Hennepin County is working with the City of Minneapolis, the Minnesota Department of Transportation, Metro Transit, and other stakeholders to study options to make East 46th Street (County Road 46) between Hiawatha Avenue (Highway 55) and the Ford Parkway bridge safer and more comfortable for people walking, biking, taking transit, and driving.

The study will consider possible design alternatives to improve mobility and safety for all users, related impacts, and other opportunities to improve the corridor.

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The .75-mile segment of 46th Street between Hiawatha Avenue and the Ford Parkway bridge is a valuable east to west route that includes important connections to trails, parks, and other bicycle and traffic routes, including:

  • Hiawatha Avenue
  • Hiawatha Regional Trail
  • 46th Street LRT Station
  • Minnehaha Avenue
  • Minnehaha Park
  • The Grand Rounds trail network

The corridor is identified as a future dedicated bikeway by both Hennepin County and the City of Minneapolis. The Metro Transit A-Line rapid bus route currently serves this segment of road, as well.

The study considered both short-term and long-term design options to improve mobility and safety for all users. The study findings include no changes to the current roadway configuration with the 2019 maintenance project. A preferred long-term concept includes four general lanes, off-street bikeways and sidewalks. Funding has not been identified for a long-term project and there is no estimate of when funding might become available.

Proposed long-term design concept (PDF)

The study took place in 2018, with community input collected in the first half of the year. Long-term improvements may be implemented in the future if funding becomes available.

As a major part of the study, Hennepin County is coordinating a community-based process to evaluate opportunities to improve safety on 46th Street, and wants to hear from you. Share your experiences and vision for this important neighborhood route.

Past engagement events

Hennepin County held an open house on February 22, 2018. View the meeting presentation (PDF).

Lead project contact

  • Jordan Kocak
    Pedestrian and Bicycle Coordinator
    Hennepin County, Community Works

Partner agencies

  • City of Minneapolis
  • Minnesota Department of Transportation
  • Metro Transit

Other partners

  • Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board
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