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Transportation demonstration projects

In an effort to be responsive and innovative, Hennepin County embarks upon various transportation demonstration projects.

Learn more about our demonstration projects by checking out this page from time to time.

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PedRail bump-outs are designed to make the intersection safer, especially for people walking. They shorten the distance you’re exposed to motor vehicles while crossing the road.

They’re not crash barriers. The PedRails are designed to prevent crashes by improving visibility, reducing cross distance and slowing turning vehicles. If they are hit, PedRails will let the person driving know they have hit the barrier without injuring people in the car or doing serious damage. The devices themselves will bounce right back, and the supports are sturdy enough to take many hits from most vehicle types.

Right now Hennepin County is testing PedRails for their durability and effectiveness. The county has one set of PedRails they will use to see how well they work. The City of Minneapolis also is testing the product at several locations.

Share your thoughts

We want to know how the PedRails work for you. We are currently testing them on Franklin Avenue (County Road 5) in Minneapolis.

Project contact

Dan Patterson, pedestrian and bicycle planner

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