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Hennepin county community gardens

Forfeited properties are now being converted to community garden spaces. We invite you to apply for a community garden plot. Anyone can apply.


  • 896 23rd Avenue SE Minneapolis MN 55404
  • 2206 16th Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55404
  • 1109 24th Street E, Minneapolis MN 55404
  • 2510 14th Avenue S, Minneapolis MN 55404
  • 3212 2nd Street N, Minneapolis MN 554212
  • 2230 6th Street N, Minneapolis MN 55411
  • 2526 West Broadway, Minneapolis MN 55411
  • 2228 4th Street, Minneapolis 55411

What to expect

Community gardeners interested in participating will be responsible for keeping their plots clean and for following gardeners code of conduct.

  • Follow MDH recommendations for social distancing between yourself and other gardeners
  • All gardeners need to control weeds and pests for their plot
  • All gardeners are responsible for harvesting ripe produce before it rots
  • Gardeners must not erect any structures
  • No alcohol and no smoking within garden limits
  • No illegal substances will be tolerated on garden premises

Apply for a community garden